‘Maron’ Seasons 1-4 Leaving Netflix in January 2020

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Maron – IFC

IFC’s top comedy series Maron is scheduled to depart from Netflix in January 2020. We’ll be taking a look at when it’s leaving, why it’s leaving, where it’s leaving and more. 

Marc Maron is the main star who plays a fictionalized version of himself

All four seasons of Maron are scheduled to leave Netflix on January 12th, 2020. It’s going to be a big month for comedy departures with Friends and Frasier also scheduled to depart at the beginning of the year.

Netflix has been streaming Maron in the US since April 2015 and saw regular updates when new seasons released. In total, Netflix currently houses 49 episodes across the four seasons.

Where is Maron leaving Netflix?

Maron only resides on Netflix in the United States which is the only region set to lose it. What this does suggest, however, is that Netflix in other regions is unlikely to pick up the comedy meaning once it leaves the US, it’s gone for good.

Why is Maron leaving Netflix?

IFC’s content on Netflix looks to be slowly leaving Netflix over the next few years as contracts for the shows come up for renewal. Netflix lost the IFC film contract back in 2016 to Hulu. Portlandia was one of the first high profile departures which saw the first 5 seasons leave in September 2019.

We’re not sure where Maron is headed. IFC and its parent company AMC seems to still distribute its content evenly among streaming providers.

The good news here, as I’m sure most of you are aware if you’re a fan of Marc Maron is that you can find him playing the role as Sam in GLOW. GLOW has been renewed for a final season due out in 2020. In addition, you can catch Marc Maron in his Netflix Original special released in 2017 entitled Too Real. His 2013 special (although not a Netflix Original) called Thinky Pain is available in most Netflix regions too.

Will you miss Maron when it leaves Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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