When will Glee Leave Netflix?

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Glee is likely the next Fox show scheduled to be leaving Netflix as part of the mass exodus of Fox and FX titles on Netflix. We’ll provide the context for the departures and some rough leaving dates below but the good news is there’s still plenty of time to start binging.

The show was one of Fox’s best shows that managed to get six seasons under its belt before Fox pulled the plug. The show catapulted Jane Lynch into stardom and is known for being one of the best musical comedy-dramas on TV and has yet to have its crown taken away. It was mostly known for its covers of well-known songs.

Why is Glee leaving?

As we’ve reported literally dozens of times now, Fox and FX failed to renew their agreement with Netflix over the summer. It’s meant that all of the FX and Fox library (with a few notable exceptions) have been slowly leaving Netflix.

Most recently after we reported that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was leaving Netflix, it was confirmed by Netflix straight after.

When will Glee leave Netflix?

There are no official dates just yet although we’ve already seen reports that Glee could be leaving Netflix as soon as December 2017 with one commenter reporting some of Glee is leaving December 1st and one other reporting December 15th.

The most likely case with Glee is that the leaving schedule will be staggered. As we’ve seen with Bones and Family Guy. Typically seasons are being removed shortly before they were added to Netflix.

  • 09/15/2014 – Season 4 added
  • 04/01/2015 – Season 5 added
  • 07/18/2015 – Season 6 added

In short, until we get more concrete dates, expect seasons to be disappearing throughout 2018 up until September when we think all seasons will no longer be on Netflix.

Could Glee stay on Netflix?

Unless Netflix makes a special deal, like it did with American Horror Story, then Netflix will be losing. If you look at where it’s streaming elsewhere,  you can already find the show on Hulu in full and that’s likely where it’ll remain exclusively. So in short, no.

Netflix Alternatives to Glee

In terms of viable musical dramas, your options on Netflix are surprisingly short limited to a few movies which include the 70’s hit Grease. Hater’s Back Off somewhat hits the right tones with the shows character chasing show business but it’s hard to draw a direct comparison. If it’s the teen drama aspect you like, Netflix has no shortage of titles. Riverdale, Jane the Virgin, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural are all fan-favourites in this category.

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