Why Isn’t Season 2 of ‘The Hockey Girls’ on Netflix?

The second season aired in 2020 but have never made it over to Netflix.

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The Hockey Girls / Les de l’hoquei – Picture: Netflix

The Hockey Girls (also known as Les de l’hoquei) is one of the major Spanish TV show pickups for Netflix in 2019. Following positive reviews from critics after its Netflix release, the show was renewed for a second season but has never arrived on Netflix. 

The sports drama series is about a group of girls competing in roller hockey and about the team dynamic on and off the pitch. All 13 episodes that comprise the first season arrived on Netflix in most regions on September 20, 2019.

The series comes to Netflix as one of many streaming services picked up from the region of Catalan. If I Hadn’t Met You and Welcome to the Family are other Netflix Originals originating from the Spanish region.

Has The Hockey Girls been renewed for season 2?

Netflix Renewal Status: Renewed, but the second season wasn’t added to Netflix.

The show got a second and final season renewal in 2020, aired between March and June 2020. Sadly, the show wasn’t licensed to Netflix in any capacity following its airing on TV3.

Why did the second season never come to Netflix? That’s unclear, but given it’s now been well over three years since it was aired, and it never made it onto the service, the likelihood of it joining now is slim to none. Could the viewing numbers not have been enough to justify licensing the second season? Was the pandemic the reason they likely could not record voiceovers? We’ll never know.

The only place to watch the second season is on CCMA.CAT, but you’ll need to use a VPN to watch.

We understand that Netflix has the rights to the first season of The Hockey Girls through July 2027, when it’ll leave the service.

Ahead of the renewal, the team behind the show shared more insights on the show’s creation and Netflix’s licensing of the series, which can be found in this interview. They spoke about Netflix’s involvement in giving the show a second life. It also spoke about the show being one of the biggest ratings drivers for the Spanish network TV3. As Tweeted by the show’s official account, it carried an 11.2% share with around 241,000 viewers on live TV.

In another interview with Lavanguardia.com, the creators apparently expressed to them that they already have ideas for the show’s future. Here’s what the article says (loosely translated from Spanish):

“The greatest success for us is that, beyond having good audiences, we have reached the audience we wanted,” say the scriptwriters, who already have a few more ideas in mind, in addition to a hypothetical second season of Les de l ‘ Hoquei, still to be confirmed.”

We’ll let you know as soon as we learn more. In the comments below, let us know if you wanted or still want to to see more episodes of The Hockey Girls on Netflix.

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