When will Season 3 of ‘Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide’ be on Netflix?

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Among the collection of Nickelodeon classics added to Netflix in the United States in June 2022 was the short-lived live-action series Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. Only seasons 1-2 were added to the service but why didn’t season 3 get added? Will season 3 ever come to Netflix? Probably not is the answer. 

Netflix unexpectedly licensed four major Nickelodeon live-action series including select seasons of All That, Zoey 101, Kenan & Kal, and of course, Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide.

Created by Scott Fellows, the series starred Devon Werkheiser, Lindsey Shaw, and Daniel Curtis Lee.

The show has been the second most popular Nick show of those crop of four according to IMDbPro and much like the other three show, Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide didn’t come with all of its seasons.

As you may know, the Nick show ran for three seasons between 2004 and 2007 across 54 episodes. Netflix now has seasons 1 and 2 which consist of 33 episodes meaning Netflix is currently missing 21 but they’re unlikely to come.

As we’ve covered relentlessly, Paramount and Nickelodeon often licenses select seasons of its shows in the hopes that getting people hooked on Netflix will make fans of said show head to other rivals (in this case Paramount+).

We’ve seen it with many Nickelodeon shows such as iCarly, Fairly OddParents, The Thundermans, Victorious and more.

As a result, it’s highly unlikely that season 3 will ever come to Netflix. The same applies to the missing seasons of Zoey 101 and the other shows Netflix licensed too.

Instead, if you want to watch season 3 of Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide you’ll need a Paramount+ subscription where the third season is streaming exclusively (unless you want to buy the show via a VOD service such as iTunes or Google Play).

What you don’t need to worry about, however, is the show leaving Netflix in any quick fashion as we’ve seen with many licensed titles on Netflix in recent years. As per the other Nick shows, we’ve learned they’ve been licensed to Netflix for two years meaning you’ll be able to watch Declassified School Survival Guide until at least June 2024.

Would you have liked to have seen Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide season 3 come to Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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