When will Season 3 of Slasher be on Netflix?

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Slasher is returning for a third season and will be coming exclusively to Netflix in most regions after a series of events that we’ll discuss below. We’ll also take a look at when the series new season will be coming to Netflix.

When we were covering the upcoming horror series and movies scheduled for release over Halloween 2018, we stumbled back on Slasher which is a Netflix Original in some regions but not others. If you’d prefer not to read up on how the shows licensing is working, you can skip right ahead to when we start talking about season 3.

Let’s start at the beginning. The show was originally a Canadian show with new episodes releasing on a weekly basis on Canadian TV station Super Channel. In the United States, the show was being carried by the now-defunct TV channel called Chiller. Netflix hadn’t streamed the show at this point but obviously saw potential in the show and acquired the rights from Super Channel and Chiller to produce future seasons.

Where Slasher Isn’t A Netflix Original

When Netflix acquires a show that’s relatively active it has to either honour or break pre-existing conditions. That’s why season 2 has yet to appear in regions such as the United Kingdom and hence why it’s not called a Netflix Original. In the United Kingdom, the series is airing first on Pick TV although we are expecting season 2 to arrive later down the line.

Has Slasher Been Renewed for Season 3?

Season 3 has been announced and as of August 20th 2018, the series is officially in production. The series future did look in doubt as we mentioned above for several reasons but we’re happy that it’s returning.

The first episode (as teased in the tweet below) is called “6am to 9am”. No announcement on how many episodes there’ll be although it’s likely to stick to eight like it has previously. The production company will continue to stay the same throughout all three seasons.

Who’s Returning for Season 3?

Dean McDermott has confirmed on Twitter that he’ll be returning for season 3.

When will season 3 be on Netflix?

Now that’s where it gets complicated. All episodes will once again be airing on Netflix in one “dump” so to speak but a release date is not yet known. Given the series has only been in development for a month at the time of writing, it’s unlikely we’ll see season 3 released in 2018. Instead, you can expect it to land in a similar time frame as season 1. That being between Spring and Summer 2019.

Updated (10/31/2018): On Halloween 2018, the official Slasher account released a Tweet which could identify when we’ll either hear more about the new series or when it could release.


“See you at the Solstice” could suggest that the series will drop on either December 21st, 2018 or next June.

There’s a first look at season 3 of Slasher, we’ll continue updating this post as we hear more but until then, let us know in the comments if you’re looking forward to another season of Slasher!

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