When will Season 4 of Schitt’s Creek be on Netflix?

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Schitt’s Creek is a Canadian comedy produced by the CBC. The show has become extremely popular on Netflix since the first three seasons were added back in 2017. But that has left many fans asking when season 4 will be available to stream on Netflix. Below we have put together everything we currently know about the fourth season and its release date. 

This Canadian comedy is somewhat reminiscent of Arrested Development and follows the wealthy Rose family who owns a video store company. But after they unexpectedly find their assets frozen and their rich lifestyle stripped away from them they must take up residence in the rural town Schitt’s Creek, which they had bought as a joke a number of years ago. The family is played by Eugene Levy (American Pie), Catherine O’Hara (Home Alone), Dan Levy and Annie Murphy. As well as staring Eugene and Dan Levy, the real-life father-son duo are the executive producers and writers of the series.

The comedy primarily airs on the Pop Network. Outside Canada, the only option for streaming the show is through Netflix.

The third season of Schitt’s Creek came to Netflix on October 5th of 2017, a whole nine months after it initially debuted in Canada.

Schitt’s Creek Season 4 Netflix Release Date

The show was already renewed back before season 3 even finished airing on Pop. And both Eugene and Daniel will continue to co-produce the project.

At the moment a Netflix date has not been officially announced, but we can estimate from previous seasons that season 4 will come to Netflix regions around October/November 2018.

For any US viewers hoping to get their hands on this new season soon will be a little disappointed. With Canadian shows it’s become a norm to have to wait an entire year after it’s initial release. Therefore we can estimate that this will be no different and it’ll be January/February 2019 before this season is added.

If you’re living in Canada then you will have to catch the 4th season on its Network after it debuts on the 24th of January 2018. As Netflix has been unable to secure the rights to air the show on Canadian Netflix.

We hope this has cleared it up for you and we would love to hear about what you think of the show in the comments below. Will you be tuning in for season 4?

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