Why The CW’s ‘Naomi’ Won’t Be on Netflix

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why the cws naomi wont be on netflix

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One of the new DC shows to debut on The CW in 2022 is Naomi which began in January 2022. As many of you will know, The CW had an output deal with Netflix which means many of the network’s DC shows still come to Netflix but that won’t be the case for Naomi we can confirm. 

Also known as Powerhouse, Naomi McDuffie is a superhero from the DC comics universe. Her power is that she has a strange type of energy inside her body which can be channeled into energy blasts. She’s also super strong and super durable.

The new show is among the current roster of DC shows that air on The CW before hitting other streaming services in the US shortly afterward.

The series is a collaboration between ARRAY Filmworks, DC Entertainment, and Warner Brothers Television.

Kaci Walfall heads up the cast alongside Cranston Johnson, Alexander Wraith, and Mary-Charles Jones.

Will DC’s Naomi be on Netflix?

In previous years, Naomi would’ve likely come to Netflix in the United States via an output deal but for a few years now, only legacy content comes to Netflix as part of this deal.

When the Netflix deal ended, it was stated that shows would be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Deadline said back in 2019 “The deal ending doesn’t mean new CW series won’t end up on Netflix” adding “instead, it will have to bid for each show in a far more competitive environment than the streaming marketplace in 2016.”

That hasn’t been the case, however.

Since 2019, Warner Brothers has adopted an aggressive strategy with their HBO Max platform which is where most to all of The CW’s output (including the titles produced by ViacomCBS) has headed and that will be the case with Naomi.

It’s been confirmed to What’s on Netflix that following its run on The CW, Naomi will head to HBO Max.

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise given that Naomi has already touched down on HBO Max outside the United States in numerous regions already.

Of course, HBO Max isn’t available anywhere such as the UK where most of The CW’s output in recent years hasn’t been sold and thus unavailable. We suspect that’ll be the same for Naomi too.

So to conclude, HBO Max will be the sole streamer in the years to come for Naomi.

Netflix is due to receive a bunch of DC shows in 2022 and beyond, however. The Sandman is scheduled to debut on Netflix in 2022 and a second season Sweet Tooth is on the way. The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow are the only two DC shows from The CW to make their way onto Netflix.

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