Will ‘Futurama’ Come Back to Netflix?

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Futurama – Copyright 20th Century Fox/Comedy Central

Futurama was a staple of the Netflix library up until last year after it was removed as well as other animated shows from Fox. We’re taking a look at whether or not Futurama will be returning to Netflix after Netflix releases Matt Groening’s latest project exclusively on the streaming services. 

As you may know, Matt Groening has taken the jump away from Fox who has produced all of his shows up until this point and moved to Netflix. His new show Disenchantment came to Netflix in August 2018. The new show isn’t quite as good as Futurama or The Simpsons at its best, but its got a long way to go with new episodes coming soon. If you’re a fan of Futurama there are also several cool Futurama easter eggs in the new show too.

So let’s take a look at what happened to Futurama on Netflix including whether or not it’ll ever be back streaming on Netflix.

What happened to Futurama on Netflix?

As long-term Netflix members will tell you, Netflix used to be the best location to stream Futurama. Sadly, that came to a close last year when Netflix removed all seasons plus the movies too from the library. The reason? Fox. Last year, the contract between Fox and Netflix came to a close which slowly saw the removal of all of its shows from Netflix over the course of the next year. Some shows survived like American Horror Story but the majority were axed.

But wait, didn’t Comedy Central take over Futurama? Yes they did but only commissioned a new season rather than took over the rights of the show. Fox still controls where the show streams.

As for other regions, no other Netflix region was streaming Futurama so the United States was really lucky in the first place.

Where can you stream Futurama now?

For those in the United States, all of the Fox shows found their way onto Hulu where they’ll exclusively reside from now on. All 10 seasons of Futurama have been streaming on there but you’ll need a subscription.

Those in the United Kingdom can find a limited selection of episodes streaming on NowTV. They come and go depending on whether they’ve recently appeared on Sky One.

Titles Like Futurama on Netflix

We’ll be back for a more in-depth article on titles that are similar to Futurama soon but for those in the United States, you’ll have to rely completely on the Netflix Original animated library. Those in the United Kingdom we’d recommend checking out Final Space and Rick and Morty which are both available.

Do you wish Futurama would come back to Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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