5 Series & Movies Like ‘Black Mirror’ on Netflix

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Black Mirror is one of Netflix’s shining jewels in the original crown but because of the short season lengths and the criminal amount of time we have to wait between each season, you’ll need some alternatives to plug the hole.

The reality is there isn’t a show or movie that is exactly like Black Mirror because of how unique the show is. There are plenty of anthology series, great sci-fi movies and easter egg laiden titles on Netflix though so strap in as we take you through the best alternatives to Black Mirror currently on Netflix.

5. Altered Carbon (Series)

Netflix Original
1 Season Available

The world building in Black Mirror is fantastic and its major sci-fi episodes such as USS Callister (season 4 – episode 1) provides fantastic glimpses into the future and that is also what the fabulous Altered Carbon series also provides. Netflix’s big-budget sci-fi hasn’t yet got a second season but don’t let that put you off, season 1 is absolutely fantastic. In Altered Carbon, you’re stored on chips which can be inserted into other bodies known as skins. One man is brought back from the dead to help a man solve his own murder.

Similar to Black Mirror’s later seasons, you can see how Netflix’s increased budgets when compared to other network television really paying off with fantastic visual effects and superb acting.

4. Cloverfield Movies

If it’s the sci-fi elements and the shared universe you love then the Cloverfield movies are for you. With each movie entry, we learn a little more about the multi-verse that Cloverfield exists in. The best thing of all is that most Netflix regions have access to all three movies as we’ll explain below. With different characters for each movie entry and more easter eggs than an Easter bunny, this movie series is a must watch for Black Mirror fans.

Depending on where you live will determine which Cloverfield movies you have access to. Every Netflix region has access to watch the latest movie, The Cloverfield Paradox. The majority of regions have access to 10 Cloverfield Lane and only a select few have access to the original 2008 Cloverfield movie.

3. Twin Peaks

When it comes to a mystery drama (something Black Mirror supplies in spades) there are few better shows than the original Twin Peaks series which has recently got a reboot recently. Although the reboot isn’t available on Netflix, the original series is.

The series is a little more conventional than Black Mirror but the way it builds up tension is exactly what Black Mirror nails in some of its darker episodes.

2. American Horror Story

The anthology format has been done loads on TV over the past few decades but in our opinion, American Horror Story was the first mainstream show to really push the boundaries on the anthology series. Fans often scrub for clues on how each season is connected (much like Black Mirror) and although the series has faltered in the newer seasons, it’s still hailed as the show that brought horror to the mainstream on TV.

New seasons of American Horror Story continue to arrive on Netflix despite Fox pulling the rest of their library likely because of how popular the series is.

1. The Twilight Zone

Our number one pick will come as no surprise to most as the most related to Black Mirror. The Twilight Zone was arguably the first show that put the anthology format on the map and thanks to its creepiness and supernatural elements, it’s the show that should be on everyone’s radar regardless of whether they’ve watched Black Mirror or not.

Each episode is hosted by the creator of the show Rod Sterling who walks you through a story that provides social commentary, something Black Mirror is strongly associated with but often takes a more supernatural view on its stories.

Have we missed any titles from this list? Let us know down below and we’ll update accordingly.

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