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Nick Kroll has become a familiar face (and voice) on Netflix having appeared in multiple Netflix Originals plus has a massive back catalog too, a lot of which can be found on Netflix. Here’s a look at Nick Kroll on Netflix including all and his greatest hits that you can stream on Netflix.

Here’s a look at the Nick Kroll on Netflix including his roles in Netflix Originals then moving onto his other titles and covering some of the titles which used to be on Netflix.

Netflix Originals

Big Mouth

Type: TV Series
Role: Creator, Voice Actor

Big Mouth is Nick Kroll’s crowning achievement on Netflix. The animated series quickly rose as one of the best on the streaming service which was in dire need of some new animated shows.

The show sees the woes of growing up as a teenager fighting your inner puberty demons. The show is super funny and instantly found a massive audience from day one. Season 2 just dropped on Netflix.

Operation Finale

Type: Movie
Role: Starring Role

The first caveat here is that Operation Finale is only a Netflix Original in international territories, not the United States. Nick Kroll steps out of his comfort zone somewhat in this movie as he plays the role of Rafi Eitan in a movie also starring Oscar Isaac and Ben Kingsley. The movie is about a team of secret agents looking to hunt down the Nazi officer who masterminded the Holocaust.

Oh, Hello On Broadway

Type: Comedy Special
Role: Writer, Starring Role

Netflix has released dozens of standup specials over the years but this one is very different from the rest. Nick Kroll is once again joined by his Netflix partner in crime John Mulaney as they both write and star in this live-action comedy show.

The special came to Netflix back in June 2017 and has been widely well-received.

Hilarity for Charity

Type: Standup Special
Role: Guest Star

Seth Rogen put on one heck of a show earlier this year with his charity event which aired exclusively on Netflix. Nick Kroll was among the many comedians and guests stars which also included the likes of Sascha Baron Cohen, Michael Che, James Corden, Jeff Goldblum, Chris Hardwick, and fellow Big Mouth star, John Mulaney.

Nick Kroll’s cameo was brief but worthwhile.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Type: TV Series
Role: Guest Star

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has seen plenty of cameos over the years but Nick Kroll’s stands out as one of the most memorable. He stars in the first season on episode 11 as Tristafé. The episode entitled “Kimmy Rides a Bike!” sees Kimmy join a spin class where Nick Kroll is the teacher. He’s a bit eccentric in this role and is strongly reminiscent of his cameo in Community.

Other Movies and TV Series on Netflix


Type: TV Series
Role: Guest Star

Copyright IFC

Nick Kroll appeared in two sketches on Portlandia (all 8 seasons are on Netflix), the IFC comedy starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. The first episode Nick Kroll appeared in was season 1 episode 6 where he played Daniel Prison. The second was in the final season on episode 8 as Gil Faizon. Guess who also guest appeared in that episode? Yes, you guessed it. John Mulaney.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

Type: Movie
Role: Voice Actor

Copyright Dreamworks

Nick Kroll appeared in the movie release of Captain Underpants but didn’t later appear in the Dreamworks TV version. In the movie, he plays the role of the supervillain who’s name might offend. His name in the movie is Professor Poopypants and his superpower is big farts. The movie has been available on Netflix since 2018.

Adult Beginners

Type: Movie
Role: Starring Role

This movie sees a young man who’s failed company sees him move in with his sister and become the family babysitter. It’s a movie with the best of intentions but sadly, isn’t one of the best. It’s light on comedy but features a good cast list and is still available on Netflix US.

Parks & Recreation

Type: TV Series
Role: Guest Star

Nick Kroll had a recurring role in Parks and Recreation where he played a radio DJ also known as “The Douche”. He was abrupt and very rude to Leslie Nope making him even worse than Professor Poopypants in the movie mentioned above. All seasons are available on Netflix US right now.

Other Notes

  • Nick Kroll appeared as a guest on Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Agent Kendrick which is available on Netflix in the United Kingdom.
  • Sausage Party was streaming on Netflix in the United States until September 2018 which starred Nick Kroll as the “Douche”
  • The League was on Netflix in the United States until late 2017 when it was removed from the library.
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