How to Watch The Halloween Episodes of ‘Community’ on Netflix

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how to watch all halloween episodes of community on netflix

Community Halloween – Picture: NBC / Sony Pictures

As it’s the Halloween season you may be looking to run back through all your favorite sitcoms and watch their Halloween episodes. We’re here to help with that by giving you the watch guide for every Halloween episode in Community which was added to Netflix globally in mid-2020. 

You may also want to check our guides for a few other sitcoms including The Office and Friends (if you still have access to them).

Introduction to Statistics (Season 1 – Episode 7)

Notable costumes: Britta as a squirrel, Abed as Batman.

In this episode, the gang (or more specifically Annie) throws a Day of the Dead party for extra credits for Spanish 101. However, as per usual, Jeff Winger bails on the party to head to the faculty party.

Pierce, not for the first time in a Halloween episode, isn’t feeling himself after Starburns gives him something else.

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Epidemiology (Season 2 – Episode 6)

Notable costume: Troy and Abed as characters from Alien, Dean as Lady Gaga

community epidemiology season 2 episode 6

My personal favorite of all the Halloween episodes in Community is this one which features a (spoiler alert) zombie outbreak that leads to everyone being infected and the school almost terminated.

Of course, the mistakes of the event land at the feet of the Dean who orders some food for the Halloween party that’s not quite as it seems.

Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps (Season 3 – Episode 5)

Notable costumes: Abed as Inspector Spacetime, Dean Pelton as the Devil

horror fiction in seven spooky steps

This Halloween episode breaks from the previous two in the sense that it’s about the gang sitting down and telling each other horror stories. The main purpose of the storytelling is to come up with who tests positive for being a maniac on their tests Britta gave out.

It also had one of the best laugh snort moments of the entire series seen perfectly in the GIF below.

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gay marriage community

Paranormal Parenting (Season 4 – Episode 2)

Notable costumes: Annie as the girl from The Ring, Shirley as Princess Leia.

Paranormal Parenting community halloween episode

Early in season 4, the gang went to Pierce’s mansion that turned out to be a bit of a haunted house as he hides in his panic room.

This is also the first time we’re introduced to Gilbert Lawson (played by Giancarlo Esposito) who has worked for the Hawthornes for much of his life.

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Sadly, neither season five or season six had Halloween episodes.

To wrap up here, Halloween is a day when everyone dresses up which is a favorite pastime of Dean Pelton. To honor this, here’s the compilation of every costume the Dean wore throughout Community.

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