List of Netflix’s Most Expensive Productions

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Producing world-class entertainment doesn’t come cheap. In fact, Netflix has been one of the biggest spenders in recent history buying up some of the best talents and producing some of the most expensive TV and movies.

Sadly, details surrounding all of Netflix’s productions aren’t available but for those that are, we’ve picked out the top 3 movies and TV series.

Here’s a look at some of Netflix’s most expensive productions so far.

Most Expensive TV Series

The Crown

Budget: $130 million per season

Undoubtedly Netflix’s jewel in the crown of Original production but it also costs a bloody fortune. According to the BBC, the first season alone cost over 130 million dollars. That roughly equates to $13 million an episode. That’s bonkers.

It’s clear where the money is spent though. With its lavish sets, top industry talent and meticulous attention to detail, this is not only one of Netflix’s most expensive productions but one of the most expensive productions in TV history.

Stranger Things

Budget: $103 million per season

The sci-fi phenomenon started out with a somewhat modest budget but after becoming arguably the biggest show on Netflix, the budget was upped accordingly. Featuring a fantastic cast and special effects that rival the biggest blockbuster movies along with a fantastic story, Stranger Things clocks in just under that of The Crown.

House of Cards

Budget: $100 million for first two seasons

Netflix’s first mainstream series was undoubtedly House of Cards and it also marked a bold new venture for Netflix venturing into expensive TV productions. The political drama drew top talent both in writers and the cast. It still remains as one of Netflix’s most expensive productions.

Most Expensive Movies


Budget: Reportedly Between $90 – $100 million

Will Smith’s movies are notoriously expensive. The star doesn’t come with a small price tag and that’s evidenced here with Netflix’s most expensive individual production to date. The quality that the 100 million bought is, of course, the biggest question regarding the movie.

Love it or hate it, Bright is here to stay with a sequel on the way next year.

The Ridiculous 6

Budget: $60 million

Adam Sandler’s first big Netflix film came with a massive price tag. The first movie which sees Sandler and the gang in the wild west. Much like Bright, you could argue what exactly 60 million bought given that Mudbound only had a budget of 10 million. With this one, the answer is definitely the number of stars including the likes of Terry Crews, Rob Schneider, Luke Wilson and Taylor Lautner.

The Cloverfield Paradox

Budget: $45 million

Netflix’s big Superbowl 2018 reveal came in the form of the most expensive Cloverfield movie to date. It’s expected that Netflix paid over $50 million for the latest sci-fi title. That’s up from the 25 million budget from the first title and 15 million allocated to the second Cloverfield movie.

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