New Turkish Series & Movies on Netflix in 2020

new turkish shows movies on netflix 2020

Turkish dramas are some of the best produced in the world. Netflix has a great catalog of Turkish series and movies that that’s grown in 2020. So far in 2020, Netflix has added 16 brand new Turkish series and movies so far. Below, we’ll recap some of the best new Turkish titles to hit Netflix US and cover the full list so far too.

Netflix has a large suite of Turkish series and is expanding heavily in the region with its originals. Its large collection (that we haven’t updated since 2018 – doh!) is still among the biggest among the streaming services.

So let’s take a look at some of the best new Turkish series and movies added so far in 2020 (there’s another great list here)

Love 101 (Season 1)

Added to Netflix: April 24th, 2020

One of the best new debut Turkish originals is Love 101 or as it’s called in Turkey, Ask 101. The series boasts a 7.6/10 on IMDb.

The romantic comedy series is set back in the 90s and is about a group of teens trying to hook up their teacher. It’s got plenty of cliche’s but it’s an enjoyable affair.

As of the publishing of this article, the series has yet to receive dubs so it is only available in its original language but does feature English subtitles.

Miracle in Cell No. 7

Added to Netflix: March 13th, 2020

One Turkish title that managed to break outside of the dedicated Turkish fan groups this year was Miracle in Cell No. 7.

The movie is a remake of the Korean series of the same name and featured in the top 10s in Brazil, France, and Mexico.

Here’s what you can expect if you’ve not it watched yet:

“Separated from his daughter, a father with an intellectual disability must prove his innocence when he is jailed for the death of a commander’s child.”

Full List of New Turkish Series & Movies on Netflix in 2020

Note: Data as of June 13th, 2020 – to be updated later in the year.

Title NameGenreTypeReleased on Netflix
Rise of Empires: OttomanHistoryTV Series24/01/2020
The ProtectorAction, Fantasy, Sci-FiTV Series06/03/2020
Miracle in Cell No. 7Drama, CrimeMovie13/03/2020
Stunt School (Asli Gibidir)ComedyMovie16/04/2020
Babamin CeketiComedyMovie17/04/2020
Love 101Comedy, RomanceTV Series24/04/2020
Red IstanbulDramaMovie28/04/2020
BeynelmilelComedy, Drama, MusicMovie28/04/2020
Bir Baba HinduAction, Adventure, Comedy, Musical, RomanceMovie28/04/2020
The Plane TreeComedy, Drama, RomanceMovie28/04/2020
Sour ApplesBiography, Comedy, Drama, History, RomanceMovie28/04/2020
GorumceComedy, Family, RomanceMovie28/04/2020
Kucuk EsnafAction, Adventure, ComedyMovie28/04/2020
Neseli HayatComedyMovie28/04/2020
Magic Carpet RideComedy, DramaMovie28/04/2020
Hot Sweet Sour (Aci Tatli Eksi)Drama, RomanceMovie05/06/2020