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Powerhouse Animation has been getting close over the past few years with a slew of projects already on Netflix with more to come. The two companies signed a first-look deal in 2021 and below, we’ll walk you through all their projects you can watch right now and what’s coming up. 

Established in 1999, the studio has evolved over time and is now at the very forefront of animation. The studio is headed up by Brad Graeber and Bruce Tinnin. It’s a multi-faceted studio working on commercials, motion comics, 2D art and of course, television series.

Their relationship with Netflix first began with Castlevania and after numerous projects, the studio signed a first-look deal with Netflix in July 2021.

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Every Powerhouse Animation Series on Netflix

Castlevania (4 Seasons)

castlevania netflix

Created by Warren Ellis, the Castlevania series is one of the highest-rated animation series on Netflix to date. It brings to the screen the video game franchise which has been active for decades.

The series first premiered on Netflix on July 7th, 2017.

Frederator was the principal client (main production company) for Castlevania.

Seis Manos (1 Season)

seis manos netflix

Released in October 2019, Seis Manos came to Netflix from Viz Productions with Powerhouse Animation Studios behind the series too.

Set in a fictional town in the 1970s, the series follows three orphans who are trained in ancient Chinese martial arts.

Sadly, there’s been no word on a second season and expected to be canceled.

Blood of Zeus (1 Season)

blood of zeus netflix

Alongside Asia Minor Pictures, Powerhouse Animation Studios worked on the show which was originally called Gods & Heroes. It was created by Charley and Vlas Parlapanides and dropped on Netflix on October 27th, 2020.

A second season is on the way and according to the creators of the show, 5 seasons have been outlined.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation

masters of the universe season 1 netflix

Created by Kevin Smith, this continuation of the main series which ran decades ago sees the war for Eternia begin.

The series was produced by Mattel Television alongside Powerhouse Animation Studios and debuted on July 23rd, 2021.

Although the story was a bit controversial the animation on the series was highly praised.

Every Powerhouse Animation Project Coming Soon to Netflix

Skull Island

skull island netflix

Announced alongside Tomb Raider (see below) this project is being developed with Legendary Television. It’s an anime series based on the popular King Kong license with Powerhouse Animations spearheading the project

Here’s what we’re expecting:

“The adventures of shipwrecked that are trying to escape from the mysterious island, home to prehistoric monsters, including the titan, Mr. Kong.”

Tomb Raider

tomb raider netflix series

Powerhouse Animation will be driving the animation on this second project in collaboration with Legendary Television. It’s based on the popular video-game franchise which has spawned several live-action movies but for the first time, an anime series.

We’ve got more on this upcoming Tomb Raider project in our comprehensive preview here.

Castlevania Spin-off

netflix coming soon aus may 2021 castlevania

Set in the same universe established with the four seasons of the mothership Castlevania show, this new title will see all new characters in the world focusing on Richter Belmont, Trevor and Sypha’s descendant, and Maria Renard during the French revolution.

Clive Bradley will take on showrunning duties for the new spin-off.

Heaven’s Forest

Castlevania’s Warren Ellis will return for this brand new animated series that’s set to be set in a futuristic world and based on Indian mythology.

8 episodes have been ordered in total with Adi Shankar and Kevin Kolde executive producing.

Before we depart, there are a few projects Powerhouse Animation is supposed involved with but doesn’t have Netflix attached directly. An animation series on The Magical Reality of Nadia was announced back in January 2021 but where it’ll land is unclear.

If you’re looking to get into the animation world, Powerhouse Animation is currently hiring for a number of roles.

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