List of Netflix Comedy Stand-up Specials Released in 2023

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netflix original stand up comedy specials released 2023

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Netflix’s library of stand-up specials has now surpassed over 300 titles and 2023 has over a dozen of new specials added thus far. Below is a full recap of all the new stand-up comedy specials Netflix has added throughout the year.

You may notice that Netflix has significantly slowed the release of stand-up specials in recent years, and that’s painfully clear in 2023. In the first six months of 2023, Netflix only released 16 new stand-up specials, whereas in the same timespan in 2022, there were 33 specials.

This is almost certainly a direct effect of reduced payments Netflix is forking out for specials as outlined by the WSJ in late 2022.

Netflix Original Stand-up Specials Released in 2023

  • Andrew Santino: Cheeseburger
    • Released on Netflix: January 10th, 2023
    • IMDb Score: 6.5/10
    • Debut special
  • Jim Jefferies: High n’ Dry
    • Released on Netflix: February 14th, 2023
    • IMDb Score: 7.1/10
    • Fourth special at Netflix
  • Whindersson Nunes: Preaching to the Choir
    • Released on Netflix: February 19th, 2023
    • Third special at Netflix
  • Sommore: Queen Chandelier
    • Released on Netflix: February 21st, 2023
    • IMDb Score: 5.9/10
    • Debut special at Netflix
  • Chris Rock: Selective Outrage
    • Released on Netflix: March 4th, 2023 (this was a live broadcast)
    • IMDb Score: 6.8/10
    • Second special at Netflix

  • Bert Kreischer: Razzle Dazzle
    • Released on Netflix: March 14th, 2023
    • IMDb Score: 7.0/10
    • Third stand-up special at Netflix (also released a reality series)
  • Mae Martin: SAP
    • Released on Netflix: March 28th, 2023
    • IMDb Score: 6.2/10
    • Debut special at Netflix
  • Mo’Nique: My Name is Mo’Nique
    • Released on Netflix: April 4th, 2023
    • IMDb Score: 5.3/10
    • Debut special at Netflix

  • Leanne Morgan: I’m Every Woman
    • Released on Netflix: April 11, 2023
    • IMDb Score: 7.1/10
    • Debut special at Netflix
  • Celeste Barber: Fine, thanks
    • Released on Netflix: April 12th, 2023
    • IMDb Score: 5.4/10
    • Debut special at Netflix
  • John Mulaney: Baby J
    • Released on Netflix: April 25th, 2023
    • IMDb Score: 7.5/10
    • Third solo special at Netflix (also appeared in Oh, Hello on Broadway)

  • Hannah Gadsby: Something Special
    • Released on Netflix: May 9th, 2023
    • IMDb Score: 6.6/10
    • Third special at Netflix
  • Wanda Sykes: I’m An Entertainer
    • Released on Netflix: May 23rd, 2023
    • IMDb Score: 7.2/10
    • Second solo special (also featured in two compilations)
  • Amy Schumer: Emergency Contact
    • Released on Netflix: June 13th, 2023
    • IMDb Score: 5.6/10
    • Third solo special at Netflix (also had their own Presents at the Netflix is a Joke festival)
  • 85 South: Ghetto Legends
    • Released on Netflix: June 20th, 2023
    • IMDb Score: 4.0/10

  • Tom Segura: Sledgehammer
    • Released on Netflix: July 4th, 2023
    • IMDb Score: 7.3/10
    • Third solo special at Netflix

We’ll update this towards the end of the year to reflect all of the new stand-up specials on Netflix. As a reminder, you find daily recaps and the full list of new releases on Netflix via our dedicated new on Netflix section.

What’s been your favorite new stand-up special so far in 2023? Let us know in the comments.

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