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Jenji Kohan and her production studio Tilted Productions are veteran producers of top tier TV. They also have a slate of content coming to your favorite streaming platform as part of the overall output deal they hold with Netflix. Here’s a look at every upcoming TV and movie project that has released thus far and is soon to be released.

While we’re talking about Jenji Kohan we do have to quickly mention that Weeds, one of Jenji’s biggest series before jumping to Netflix, is soon due to come up for auction and therefore may potentially leave Netflix.

So far, Jenji Kohan and Titled Productions have released onto Netflix:

  • Orange is the New Black (Seasons 1-7)
  • GLOW (Seasons 1-3)

Jenji was also thanked in the 2016 Netflix Original movie Tallulah.

Now let’s get into every Jenji Kohan series we know is coming to Netflix.

Teenage Bounty Killers

Netflix Release Date: August 16th, 2020

teenage bounty hunters netflix

The most immediate Jenji Kohan series set to arrive is Teenage Bounty Killers formally known as Slutty Teenage Bounty Killers.

The series follows two fraternal twin sisters who join forces with a veteran bounty hunter to hunt down evil baddies while maintaining their lavish lifestyle.

GLOW (Season 4)

Potential Netflix Release Date: Q4 2020 – 2021

glow seasons 1 3 netflix

GLOW has been running on Netflix for a number of years and in our opinion, is easily among the best dramas and underrated series currently streaming on Netflix.

It follows a group of ladies who become famous for their brand new wrestling show. The third season sees them take to Vegas.

Season four is currently still in production, with filming halted earlier this year due to COVID-19. But, the show is expected to either release later in 2020 or in early 2021. Season four is set to be the final season.

Social Distance

Potential Netflix Release Date: 2020-2021

social distance netflix

The Coronavirus-era has led to several COVID-special TV series being greenlit, including NBC’s Connecting. Now Netflix is due to get its own one called Social Distance.

The series is dubbed as a quarantine anthology and will tell “a broad spectrum of tales and moments, some seismic and some mundane, we hope to capture a moment in time. And we hope that Social Distance will help people feel closer to one another,”.

Among the cast for Social Distance are Oscar Nuñez, Guillermo Díaz, Miguel Sandoval, Shakira Barrera, Olli Haaskivi and Isabella Ferreira.

Rumored Netflix Projects

Teen Jesus

Officially, we’ve never had any kind of PR from Netflix regarding Teen Jesus.

The last we heard of the series was back in 2017 when Jenji Kohan made headlines by saying that the series requires special insurance due to the nature of the series (check out the Brazillian The First Temptation of Christ to see why).

The series was described as “‘The Wonder Years’ but with Jesus”.

Spin-off for Orange is the New Black

orange is new black spin off

There have been multiple rumors for a spin-off series to Orange is the New Black with the most recent one coming from an interview with Laura Prepon who told PopCulture.com she’d be in “discussion” should there ever be a spin-off and include her character of Alex.

Unfortunetely, beyond teases and rumor, there’s still nothing official regarding a sequel or spin-off to Orange is the New Black but we’ve got our eyes peeled.

What Jenji Kohan title are you most looking forward to watching on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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