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It’s time to look at the Netflix Originals that are scheduled to arrive throughout the month of August 2017. There’s a lot of variety coming up in August and of course, the biggest Netflix Original to date bringing together all of The Defenders in a massive series scheduled in the middle of the month.

Icarus (Documentary)

Released Date: August 4th, 2017

Although most of the news spotlight has been given to politics and world affairs recently, one of the biggest scandals in sporting history has taken place. This movie premiered at the Sundance film festival back in January and covers the Russian doping scandal. Netflix paid $5 million for the production.

Voltron: Legendary Defender (Season 3)

Release Date: August 4th, 2017

Netflix’s reboot for Voltron has been pretty successful with the series already renewed for multiple seasons beyond even season 3 and we’ve even had a remaster of the Orignal Series too. The series is set to continue developing the characters and we’ll see new enemies and allies in the next season of Voltron scheduled for the first week of August.

Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later

Release Date: August 4th, 2017

The release of the first Wet Hot American Summer feels like a distant memory but thanks to Netflix they bring the title back for likely one last time as we visit the guys at camp ten years later. The first Netflix Original reboot which saw the first day at camp (the movie covered the last) was widely well received with the well-known cast playing their younger selves. As we look into our preview, the next season looks to bring our favorite stars back including Amy Poehler, Chris Pine, David Hyde Pierce, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Kristen Wiig and

As we look into the show in our preview, the next season looks to bring our favorite stars back including Amy Poehler, Chris Pine, David Hyde Pierce, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Kristen Wiig and many more who reprised their roles from the original.

Atypical (Season 1)

Release Date: August 11th, 2017

In this new Netflix Original series, Netflix is going head on with growing up with autism specifically in the late teens. Keir Gilchrist plays Sam, an 18-year-old who’s navigating coming of age journey of becoming his own person with a protective mother played by Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Naked (2017)

Release Date: August 11th, 2017

There have been lots of clones of the famous Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray over the years but could Netflix’s version be the version worthy of succession? No is the honest answer but it does look like a light-hearted comedy flick which you’d come to expect from the movie’s lead star, Marlon Wayans. The movie pits him waking up every single day being naked in an elevator and having to deal with a group of people finding him there.

Marvel’s The Defenders (Season 1)

Release Date: August 18th, 2017

August’s biggest release comes in the form of the cumulation of several years of standalone Marvel hero shows on Netflix. Entitled The Defenders it’ll bring together Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist together to go up against the formidable organization known as The Hand. The eight episodes will be explosive and likely also set up the story for many more standalone titles to come where the heroes continuously crossover. It’s going to be glorious.

Death Note (2017)

Release Date: August 25th, 2017

Although when it was first announced it faced a fair bit of criticism (some justified, some not) some people were won over by the first trailer. It still remains a hot topic though. In recent years we’ve seen a shift where Hollywood is looking at manga and anime for inspiration, we saw it reach the big time with the Scarlett Johanson remake of Ghost in the Shell and Netflix is going for a serialized version of Death Note next.

The series looks to carry a lot of the themes in the anime but obviously still has a lot to prove for diehard fans

Disjointed (Season 1)

Release Date: August 25th, 2017

A new comedy sitcom from Chuck Lorre (Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory) and David Javerbaum (The Daily Show) comes a new stoner comedy starring industry veteran Kathy Bates. 20 episodes of the show are coming at the end of August and see’s Bates running a clinic that has some controversial therapy techniques. Netflix has already seen hits with multi-camera comedies such as The Ranch so we can’t wait to see what Netflix does here.

Also coming to Netflix in August…

  • Maz Jobrani: Immigrant (Standup Special – August 1st)
  • Brad Paisley’s Comedy Rodeo (Standup Special – August 15th)
  • Chelsea (Talk Show –  Aug 4th, Aug 11th, Aug 18th, Aug 25th)

We’ll have the full preview of what’s coming to Netflix in August later in the month and we’ll keep this article updated throughout the month. Also, keep an eye out on titles expiring in August and let us know in the comments what you’re looking forward to!

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