Bates Motel Leaving Netflix Internationally in February 2020

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Bates Motel – Picture: NBCUniversal

Bates Motel is leaving Netflix internationally in February 2020 and will likely be followed by the United States later in 2020. Here’s why the series is leaving, some alternatives and what regions it’s leaving. 

Let’s first start by covering when it’s leaving. Multiple regions of Netflix are set to lose Bates Motel on February 20th, 2020. These regions include but are not limited to Netflix in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, India and The Netherlands. Full list of countries can be found on Unogs.

Notably, Netflix in the United States isn’t included in this list yet but as we’ll talk about in a second, it will likely leave that region in due course too.

Why is it leaving? Well, most content on Netflix (excluding Netflix Originals with a few exceptions) is licensed whereby Netflix essentially rents series and movies for a limited amount of time.

In this case, NBC owns and distributes the show. In a similar case earlier this year, Grimm departed from Netflix in most regions outside the United States.

Bates Motel, in case you’ve never dived in, is the prequel series to Psycho and stars Freddie Highmore, Vera Farmiga, Mike Vogel and Keegan Connor. Netflix has been streaming Bates Motel since 2015 in the majority of regions with five seasons available in total spread out across 50 episodes.

Where will Bates Motel stream next? To our knowledge, no new permanet home has been announced. We have seen series like The Office (also owned by NBC) move over to Amazon Prime. Peacock, the new NBC streaming service, isn’t currently scheduled to release internationally but would be expected to be part of that lineup should move abroad.

Will Bates Motel leave Netflix in the United States?

Bates Motel will also definitely be leaving Netflix in the United States at some point. It’s been confirmed to be part of the upcoming Peacock streaming service lineup.

As to when it’ll leave has yet to be confirmed but if you’re midway through a binge we advise you speed up.

Will you miss Bates Motel when it leaves Netflix? Have we missed out a region it’s due to expire on? Let us know in the comments down below.

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