When will ‘Better Call Saul’ Leave Netflix?

The series could leave Netflix as soon as 2027.

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when will better call saul leave netflix

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The sixth and final season of Better Call Saul is (finally) now streaming on Netflix US, but its time on Netflix won’t be forever. As we’ve covered previously, Breaking Bad may leave Netflix, which also applies to Better Call Saul. Here’s a look into when that could be, depending on where you live. 

Serving as a spin-off to Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul charts the ascent of Jimmy McGill and his eventual transformation into Saul Goodman, who is the wise-cracking lawyer you know and perhaps despise from the main series.

The series arrives on Netflix globally, labeled as a Netflix Original title outside the United States, and licensed to Netflix in the US following its run on AMC.

The sixth and final season of the show just dropped on Netflix US on April 18th, 2023.

You may recall we did a joint investigation with The Wrap’s Brandon Katz (who is no longer at the publication), where we uncovered some of Netflix’s upcoming removals for hit licensed shows. Among the list of shows included was Breaking Bad, where we learned the series is currently due to expire as soon as February 10th, 2025.

Of course, we should caveat that date and the dates listed below because licenses can be renewed assuming Netflix and Sony Pictures Television develop a new arrangement for Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, so use this is as guidance on what could happen in a worst-case scenario.

When will Better Call Saul leave Netflix in the US?

New intel suggests the clock is already counting down on Better Call Saul‘s removal on Netflix but the good news is that you have multiple years to watch from the time of publishing.

All intel suggests that the show will depart, in full, on April 18th, 2027. That coincides exactly four years following the final season hitting Netflix, which is a pretty standard period for most licensed shows to stay on Netflix after their last season have been added.

As we noted above, once this period of time is up, it’ll be down to Netflix and Sony Pictures Television (the owners of Better Call Saul) to renegotiate a new deal.

When will Better Call Saul leave Netflix internationally?

Despite being a Netflix Original, the show won’t stay on Netflix outside the United States forever.

In fact, our investigation tells us that Netflix internationally is currently set to see the show depart on the same date as the US.

Will you miss Better Call Saul once it leaves Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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