Achievements Launch on Netflix Games; ‘Braid’ Soft Launches Ahead of April 30th Release

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Netflix Games Achievements Braid Soft Launches

Pictures via Netflix / Jonathan Blow

It’s been a relatively quiet start to 2024 for Netflix Games, but a slew of game updates introduces achievements to Netflix’s roster of 90-plus games, and Braid Anniversary Edition has just soft-launched.

Achievements will replicate the systems in place on rival platforms like PlayStation, which uses trophies; Xbox, which uses achievements/gamerscore; and Steam, which also has achievements.

User Sidlon in the excellent Netflix Games Discord posted a couple of pictures of the Achievement Lists in action, plus I nabbed a screenshot of how the profile menu works and how Achievements are displayed there.

It’s a great addition to Netflix Games, but it’s not without its niggles. In the case of Teeter Up, the only way I could access the achievements list was via the home screen. This means that if you wanted to recheck progress or see what achievement to gun for next, you’d need to exit the home screen.

The games we’ve spotted achievements for thus far include Football Manager 2024, Teeter Up (Remastered), Poinpy, and Oxenfree.

Teeter Up Achievements Menu

Achievements in the profile menu on Teeter Up (Remastered)

Achievements In Netflix Games

List of Achievements in Teeter-Up (Remastered) and Football Manager 2024

Some publicly available Netflix Partner Documentation has launched that gives insights into how localization for achievements works.

Netflix Games Achievements Banner

Banner for Achievements in Netflix Games

Braid Soft Launches on Netflix Games

In other news, users have spotted a Google Play page for Braid Anniversary Edition. The game likely has soft launched ahead of its expected global rollout on April 30th, 2024.

This soft launch strategy seems to be Netflix’s modus operandi for releasing all of its mobile games going forward. It allows a select user group to test the game and ensure any kinks are ironed out before a larger rollout.

Other games currently in this soft rollout phase at the time of publishing include Sonic Mania Plus and, as we recently reported, Katana Zero and Dumb Ways to Survive. For the most part, the apps soft launch in

Below, we’ve embedded the official About Us section for the Anniversary Edition and a few images alongside the game. If you want to read more on Braid and the forthcoming changes scheduled for the Anniversary edition, you can find a full write-up from developer Jonathan Blow here.

“Bend time to solve subtle platform puzzles in this update of the indie classic “Braid,” featuring refreshed artwork and seriously in-depth creator commentary.

Travel from a city house through a series of interconnected worlds where time behaves strangely, searching for an elusive Princess. Along the way you’ll explore memories and regrets that still haunt you. This Anniversary Edition remaster of the award-winning platformer contains fully repainted high-resolution graphics, new sound effects and extensive audio commentary.


Rewind, pause and use the strange properties of time in each world to run and jump through beautifully painted environments. Avoid hazards, unlock doors and collect jigsaw puzzle pieces to assemble. If you get hung up on a particular puzzle, feel free to move on and return later.


This is the game you remember, with all the original challenges and the same haunting, evocative score — but repainted pixel by pixel so that each carefully rendered world comes to life in high resolution. New visual details, animated brushstroke effects and revamped sounds add to the immersive experience.


Explore the most extensive developer commentary ever put into a game, with over 12 hours of recorded insight and conversation from developer Jonathan Blow, artist David Hellman and more members of the “Braid” creative team. Navigate it by visiting a new in-game world, which also contains new puzzles and redesigns of classic puzzles.

– Created by Thekla, Inc.”

Braid Anniversary Edition Netflix First Look 1

Picture: Netflix / Google Play

Braid Anniversary Edition Netflix First Look 2

Picture: Netflix / Google Play

Braid Anniversary Edition Netflix First Look 3

Picture: Netflix / Google Play

Braid Anniversary Edition Netflix First Look 4

Picture: Netflix / Google Play

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Will you be checking out achievements in Netflix Games or are you desperate to play Braid Anniversary Edition on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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