‘Daddy Ball’ Jason Bateman Netflix Series: What We Know So Far

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Netflix’s continued partnership with Jason Bateman’s Aggregate has set up another brand new limited series with the working title Daddy Ball, which Bateman will star in.

Jason Bateman will produce and direct the series. Bateman, Michael Costigan, and Roxie Rodriguez will be co-executive producers for Aggregate. David Herbert and David Klawans will also produce the dark comedy limited series.

Netflix won the rights to the series in a heated bidding war. Eight offers were on the table, but Netflix won it in an outright buy for an undisclosed number commensurate with the demand. It will be developed on a fast track.

Here’s everything we know:

What’s the plot of Daddy Ball?

Netflix’s new series Daddy Ball will adapt David Gauvey Herbert’s 2021 Esquire magazine article of the same name that tells a true story. Here’s the summary:

The article starts the way most dad-on-dad youth-sports rivalries do. But on the Long Island Inferno, two fathers, both with complicated pasts, took it all too far. There were claims of stalking, corrupt cops and mob connections. Neither man was ever the same.

Determined not to follow in his detached father’s footsteps, Bobby Sanfilippo found himself doing quite the opposite with his son. He became entangled in an epic travel baseball dad-on-dad rivalry with a man named John Reardon that led tabloids to call him “a Suffolk County Steinbrenner,” “seriously sick,” and one of the worst dads in youth-sports history. It starts in the world of Little League baseball and expands into a Beef-like war between two smalltime criminal fathers.  Both Sanfilippo and Reardon have rap sheets of their own, but what went down in the summer of 2012 at Baseball Heaven will define them and their families forever. Stalking claims, threatening text messages, and an unwarranted arrest later at the heart of it all, it’s a story about the lengths fathers will go for their sons.

Who is cast in Daddy Ball?

jason bateman daddy ball adaptation

It has been announced that in addition to producing and directing, Jason Bateman will also star in the series. His role remains undisclosed as of now.

What’s the production status of Daddy Ball?

As of July 2023, the series is in early development, with the script writing paused due to the ongoing writers’ strike. There is no word yet regarding when filming starts.

How many episodes will be in Daddy Ball?

It has been confirmed that Netflix’s Daddy Ball limited series will have eight one-hour episodes.

What’s the Netflix release date for Daddy Ball?

As the series is still in the very early stages of development, it’s too early to speak of any release dates, but we could perhaps estimate sometime in late 2024, if filming starts in 2023.

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