‘Doctor Cha’ Netflix K-Drama Season 1: Coming to Netflix in April 2023

The medical k-drama 'Doctor Cha' is coming to Netflix in April 2023.

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doctor cha netflix k drama season 1 coming to netflix in april 2023

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While the announcement is late, it’s wonderful to learn that the upcoming jTBC medical k-drama, Doctor Cha, is coming to Netflix in April 2023. We have everything you need to know about Doctor Cha, including, the plot, cast, trailer, and episode release schedule.

Doctor Cha is an upcoming internationally licensed South Korean Netflix medical drama written by screenwriter Jung Yeo Rang, and directed by Kim Dae Jin. The series is produced by Studio&NEW with a budget of ₩15 billion (roughly $11-$12 million), and distributed by the South Korean cable network jTBC.

When is the Doctor Cha Netflix release date?

The first episode of Doctor Cha will be released on Netflix on Saturday, April 15th, 2023.

In total, the first season will consist of 16 episodes, with two episodes released every week for eight weeks. New episodes will be available every Saturday and Sunday until the series finale on Sunday, June 4th, 2023.

Doctor Cha episode release schedule

Episodes of Doctor Cha will be broadcast on the South Korean cable television network jTBC before arriving on Netflix.

Episode Netflix Release Date
1 15/04/2023
2 16/04/2023
3 22/04/2023
4 23/04/2023
5 29/04/2023
6 30/04/2023
7 06/05/2023
8 07/05/2023
9 13/05/2023
10 14/05/2023
11 20/05/2023
12 21/05/2023
13 27/05/2023
14 28/03/2023
15 03/06/2023
16 04/06/2023

What is the plot of Doctor Cha?

The synopsis for Doctor Cha has been sourced from Naver;

It tells the story of a medical graduate turned housewife but decided to return to the medical field, and a doctor husband who maintains a perfect dual life. He is great at his job and he is also great at cheating on his wife.

Who are the cast members of Doctor Cha?

The four confirmed leads of the series are Uhm Jung Hwa, Kim Byung Chul, Myung Se Bin, and Min Woo Hyuk.

Uhm Jung Hwa will play the role of Cha Jung Sook. Prior to Doctor Cha, Uhm Jung Hwa starred in only one Netflix series, Our Blues. Outside of her music career, she is known for working in movies such as Okay! Madam, and Wonderful Nightmare.

uhm jung hwa doctor cha netflix k drama season 1 coming to netflix in april 2023

Uhm Jung Hwa

Kim Byung Chul plays the role of Seo In Ho. Fans of All of Us Are Dead will instantly recognize him as Lee Byung Chan, the creator of the zombie virus. He has starred in other Netflix k-dramas such as Sisyphus: The Myth and Mr. Sunshine.

kim byung chul doctor cha netflix k drama season 1 coming to netflix in april 2023

Kim Byung Chul

Myung Se Bin plays the role of Choi Sung Hee. Doctor Cha will be the official Netflix debut for the actress, who previously starred in dramas such as Avengers Social Club, Rascal Sons, and Three Sisters.

Myung Se Bin doctor cha netflix k drama season 1 coming to netflix in april 2023

Myung Se Bin

Min Woo Hyuk plays the role of Roy Kim. To date, this will be the second lead role for Min Woo Hyuk, and his first official Netflix series. Outside of Netflix Min Woo Hyuk starred in dramas such as The Third Charm, Love with Flaws, and If You Wish Upon Me.

Min Woo Hyuk doctor cha netflix k drama season 1 coming to netflix in april 2023

Min Woo Hyuk

The remaining cast members in supporting and unknown roles are Song Ji Ho (Stranger S2), Kim Ye Eun (Romanced), Jo Aram (The Killer’s Shopping List), and Jo Eun Yoo (Sassy Go Go).

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