Netflix’s New Anime ‘Hi-Score Girl’ Season 1 Arriving Christmas Eve

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Hi Score coming to Netflix

It has been a fantastic year for anime on Netflix, especially compared with previous years on the streaming service. Netflix has had a huge amount of anime debut this year. The year will draw to a close with the release of Hi-Score Girl, the final Netflix Original anime of 2018.

The series is planned to drop on Christmas Eve (December 24th) on Netflix worldwide with several restrictions.

Hi-Score Girl is a Netflix Original anime based on manga series of the same name by author Rensuku Oshikiri. The manga ran for 8 years, from 2010 to 2018, and a total 10 volumes were released throughout its run.

Picking up the production of the series is J.C. Staff. who have recently produced Netflix Original Back Street Girls. Other popular titles the studio has worked on are The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, Prison School and Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

What is the plot of Hi-Score Girl?

Yaguchi Haruo doesn’t have much going for him in life. He’s not attractive, he’s not athletic, and he’s not very academic. But he does have one unique trait in his favor: mad gaming skills. Known in his arcade as “Beastly Fingers Haruo” he triumphs over all challengers until one fateful day when he encounters Oono Akira. She defeats him playing Street Fighter II, leading Yaguchi to seeks her out to challenge her again. He hopes to outplay his video game rival and dominate once again.

Who is in the cast?

It’s become a recurring theme that an English dub isn’t confirmed until the release of the series. Here is the list of the Japanese cast:

Role Actor/Actress Where have I seen them before?
Akira Oono Sayumi Suzushiro The Kotobuki Squadron in The Wilderness, We Never Learn, The Girl in Twilight
Haruo Yaguchi Kouhei Amasaki Black Clover, My Hero Academia, Charlotte
Koharu Hidaka Yuuki Hirose UQ Holder, Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club, Action Heroine Cheer Fruits
Namie Yaguchi Satomi Arai Code Geass, Crystal Blaze, Fairy Tail

Why is the animation different?

The animation has been made to suit the art style that the illustrator used in the original manga. The animation appears to be cel shaded and use of CG is evident but for once this style of animation looks fitting to the anime.

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How many episodes are there?

Season one of Hi-Score Girl will debut on Netflix with 12 episodes.

Is there a Trailer?

Netflix has lacked in promoting their own Original series on occasion, especially when it comes to anime. While we don’t have an official trailer from Netflix we were able to find an English subbed version.

Can we expect to see a second season?

There is no official confirmation we will be getting a second season. It entirely depends on if the anime covers all of the source material in the first season.

Depending on the reception the anime receives within the first couple of months, we may see some news in the coming months.

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