‘If Anything Happens I Love You’ Returns to Netflix After Brief Removal

The Oscar-winning short movie exclusive to Netflix was removed for a few days before being renewed.

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if anything happens i love you leaving netflix

If Anything Happens I Love You – Picture: Netflix

Netflix Originals have been departing the service at an increasing pace. In November 2022, we saw the brief removal of an Oscar-winning Netflix Original short film, but it has since returned.

A tearjerker and an absolute gut puncher, the animated 2D If Anything Happens I Love You followed grieving parents journeying through an emotional void as they mourn the loss of a child in the aftermath of a tragic school shooting.

Laura Dern served as an executive producer on the short film with Will McCormack and Michael Govier writing and directing the 12-minute-long title.

The movie won the prestigious Oscar for Best Animated Short Film at the 93rd Academy Awards, which took place in early 2021. It went up against other animated shorts, including Yes-People, Opera, and Burrow.

The short film later dropped onto Netflix globally as a Netflix Original title on November 20th, 2020, having been acquired by the streamer the month prior.

Daniel Hart of Ready Steady Cut said the short film was a “touching piece of work that examines the void left behind after a tragedy using a beautiful animation and translating an important message.”

Now, only two years later, the film departed the service, with notifications displaying on the title the month before had. It states your last day to watch on Netflix is November 11th, 2022 with the title actually leaving on November 12th.

It did leave on November 12th but after three days, the title was back added again on November 15th, 2022.

removal notice on if anything happens i love you

Removal notice on If Anything Happens I Love You

Why is If Anything Happens I Love You leaving Netflix?

Netflix Originals come in different shapes and sizes; many are exclusively licensed to Netflix for a fixed period. In this instance, it was licensed for 2 years up front.

With its re-addition to Netflix, we’re told it’s been licensed for 10 years meaning it’ll stay on the service until 2032.

For the first time, Netflix acknowledged that Netflix Originals can even leave the service recently, with Hemlock Grove included in the official removals list. Of course, we’ve documented 60+ Netflix Originals departing the service, with plenty more to come in the coming years.

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