‘Lilo & Stitch’ and ‘The Emperors New Groove’ Have Been Removed from Netflix

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Two massive Disney movies from the Netflix have just left the platform, at least for the foreseeable future. Those two titles are classic Disney movies from the 2000’s that will be a cornerstone for many people’s childhoods. These two movies are, of course, Lilo & Stitch and The Emperor’s New Groove.

Both movies hold special places in my childhood and therefore it’s a real regret that I have to post this news of their removal. Lilo & Stitch released in 2002, was a movie that introduced us to many memorable characters and the island of Hawaii. It spawned a TV series as well as a sequel. Similarly, Emporer’s New Groove from 2000 had a great moral lesson as well as memorable characters. It too managed to live long after the credits on the first movie rolled.

Now if you’re thinking “but hasn’t Netflix got a new contract with Disney?” you’d be right. The truth is, though, that this new contract, which started last week, only covers brand new theatrical releases from January 2016 onwards meaning that these two movies are dealt outside of this contract. We’ve documented all of the upcoming Disney movies that’s part of this contract in one handy location.

The removal of these two titles was announced quite late in August as part of the official Netflix update to titles leaving the service in September.

Fans of Lilo & Stitch can rest easy a little bit as the second Lilo & Stitch movie; Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has A Glitch is still streaming on Netflix thankfully. Although it is unfortunately nowhere near as good as the first movie, it’s still Lilo and Stitch. Likewise, a spinoff from Emperor’s New Groove is available in the form of Kronk’s New Groove from 2005.

What do you think about the removal of these two classic Disney movies? Let us know in the comment section below.

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