‘Little Sky’ Samara Weaving Netflix Pilot: Filming Wraps Early & What We Know So Far

Samara Weaving will take the lead in the first pilot in Netflix's history 'Little Sky'.

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little sky samara weaving netflix pilot everything we know so far

Picture. Samara Weaving at the premiere of The Babysitter – Credit. Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Netflix has ordered its very first pilot in history with Little Sky, a new comedy series produced and starring Samara Weaving. Filming has ended early for the pilot after disruption from the WGA strike. Here’s everything we know about Little Sky.

The streamer has ordered a pilot for the project, from creator Rightor Doyle (Down Low) who is also set to direct. Deadline reports that the decision to order a pilot was from upper executives at Netflix, who “were high on the concept but wanted to see a pilot to make sure the tone and the chemistry of the large ensemble were right, setting the project up for success”.

rightor doyle

Rightor Doyle

As of May 2023, Little Sky is the only pilot in development at Netflix. If it proves to be a success, there is a chance the streamer will look more into this model, which they haven’t employed since the streamer’s inception. This means that Little Sky may end up being a pioneer on Netflix, carving a path for other series.

What’s the plot of Little Sky?

Little Sky centers on Penelope Paul Porter who is determined to realize her lifelong dream of being a respected on-air news reporter (despite the fact she may be the worst reporter of all time). When she receives an anonymous tip that the Mayor of Little Sky is missing, she knows it’s her chance to finally prove herself. Arriving in the spooky, remote town of Little Sky, she senses she’s on to a big story – but little does she know she’s stumbled upon something much darker than she could have ever imagined.

Who is cast in Little Sky?

samara weaving

It has been announced that Samara Weaving will be starring in Netflix’s Little Sky. Weaving’s recent credits include Scream VI, Babylon, The Valet, and more. So far, Weaving has starred in three projects for Netflix, including The Babysitter, The Babysitter: Killer Queen, and Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood.

No other cast members have been announced at this point.

How many episodes will be in Little Sky?

As of May 2023, Netflix has only ordered one episode of Little Sky, the pilot. There is no word of how many would there be in total should Netflix order an entire season.

What’s the production status of Little Sky?

Production Status: Post-Production

As reported by Deadline, the filming for the Little Sky pilot, which had been ongoing in New Mexico, has wrapped early. Production was halted twice, first on Tuesday the 13th of June, and again two days later on Thursday the 15th of June. The disruption in filming is due to the current ongoing WGA strike. Filming was meant to be ongoing until June 20th. It is reported that Netflix was happy with the material and there was no need to finish filming the pilot.

What’s the Netflix release date for Little Sky?

Netflix hasn’t picked up Little Sky for an entire season yet. If it does, the season may come out perhaps sometime in late 2024.

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