‘The Diplomat’ Season 2: Netflix Release Date Estimate & Everything We Know

Netflix has confirmed once again that the next season of The Diplomat will drop in 2024.

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the diplomat season 2 netflix everything we know so far

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Debora Cahn’s Netflix show, The Diplomat, has been renewed for a second season and has just again been confirmed to be released in 2024. That is somewhat of a surprise, given that production was paused due to the Hollywood strikes throughout 2023. Here’s the latest on everything we know about The Diplomat season 2. 

From the writer of Homeland, Fosse/Verdon, and Vinyl, The Diplomat is a Netflix Original political thriller series that stars Keri Russell and Rufus Sewell.

If you’re yet to dive in, here’s what you can expect from the eight-episode first season that was released globally on April 20th, 2023:

“In the midst of an international crisis, Kate Wyler a career diplomat lands in a high-profile job for which she was not suited, with tectonic implications for her marriage and her political future.”

The show was given an Emmy nomination, with Russell nominated for Oustanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series and a Golden Globe nomination for Best Drama.

Has Netflix renewed The Diplomat for a second season?

Official Renewal Status: Renewed on May 1st, 2023

After just a week on the service, Netflix had given a quick season 2 order for The Diplomat. Although it’s not mentioned, we suspect the show was given an early season order ahead of the first season premiering.

Speaking about the renewal, Keri Russell said:

“I am thrilled to be headed back for another round of this smart screwball show. Dare I say it’s fun? Thank you Netflix for giving us another shot.”

Creator and showrunner Debora Cahn said:

“We had such a great time making The Diplomat. And it’s a thrill to see how much people are enjoying it. We’re so glad we get to do it again!”

Netflix’s head of drama, Jinny Howe, said:

“Fans around the world are loving every minute of The Diplomat’s gripping and propulsive drama, and embracing Keri Russell’s powerful performance as Kate Wyler. After that jaw-dropping cliffhanger, we can’t wait for them to see what the amazing visionary team of Debora Cahn, Janice Williams and Keri Russell have in store for Season 2.”

According to a press release, more details on season 2 will be shared later.

keri russell the diplomat season 2 netflix renewal status

“One renewal, please.” Keri Russell as Kate Wyler – Alex Baily / Netflix Studios

How well did The Diplomat perform on Netflix?

Surprisingly, Netflix doesn’t have an extensive number of political dramas. However, there are some big names on the small list. Shows such as House of Cards, Designated Survivor, and The Night Agent have been big hits for the streaming service; however, only one of the aforementioned three is ongoing.

Let’s start with the official stats from Netflix via its top 10 satellite site, which we’ve crunched and embedded via our top 10 search tool.

The show featured in the top 10s for four weeks before dropping out, picking up 173.46 million hours watched:

Week Period Hours Viewed(M) Rank Week in Top 10
April 16th, 2023 to April 23rd, 2023 57,480,000 1 1
April 23rd, 2023 to April 30th, 2023 66,460,000 (+16%) 1 2
April 30th, 2023 to May 7th, 2023 31,150,000 (-53%) 4 3
May 7th, 2023 to May 14th, 2023 18,370,000 (-41%) 8 4

In our top 10 reports for the week ending April 23rd, What’s on Netflix contributor Frederic said that it had a mediocre start, with the show only just getting below That 90s Show regarding its week 1 CVE.

CVE refers to Completed Viewing Equivalent, whereby you take the runtime of the show and the number of hours publically announced to come up with a way to find out at a maximum how many people got through to the end.

the diplomat first four days netflix cve viewership

The Diplomat’s first 4 days of viewership CVE

If we stack up The Diplomat with other renewed shows from the last 6 to 12 months, we can see The Diplomat ultimately fell towards the lower end of what viewership shows need to get renewed.

renewed netflix shows

The Diplomat featured in the Nielsen charts for two weeks in total, picking up 44.90 million hours watched. Nielsen tracks US viewing on connected devices.

Week Start Week End Nielsen Rank Episodes Raw Minutes Converted Hours
April 17th, 2023 April 23rd, 2023 1 8 1,302 million minutes 21.700 million hours
April 24th, 2023 April 30th, 2023 1 8 1,392 million minutes 23.200 million hours

What will happen in Season 2 of The Diplomat?

If the cliffhanger wasn’t enough to suggest there could be a second season, then it’s hard to suggest what else is needed.

Throughout the season, the US Ambassador, Kate Wyler, has been investigating the attack on the British Warship. Initially believed to be caused by the Iranians, but before long, the finger is pointed at the Russians. However, Kate is eventually able to deduce that the person behind the attack was UK Prime Minister Nicol Trowbridge, who wanted to use the false flag attack as a means to rally the country together and to stop any momentum for Scottish independence.

rory kinnear the diplomat season 2 netflix renewal status

Rory Kinnear as Prime Minister Nicol Trowbridge – Alex Baily / Netflix Studios

All season, Kate’s relationship with her husband Hal has been shown to be extremely rocky, to the point where the pair are considering divorce. However, as Kate may soon be sworn in as the Vice President of the United States of America, any talks of divorce were shot down immediately. However, Kate may soon be a widow as Hal was one of three, the other being Stuart Hayford, Kate’s deputy chief of mission at the U.S. Embassy in London, and Eidra Park, the chief of the CIA station in London, who are victims of a car bombing. We still don’t know the fate of the trio, but Kate has been made aware by the Secret Service that her husband was in the explosion, and judging by her expression, the news may be grave.

keri russell 2 the diplomat season 2 netflix renewal status

Keri Russel as Kate Wyler (left) and Ato Essandoh as Stuart Heyford –  Alex Baily / Netflix Studios

Kate has yet to be sworn in as the new vice president. However, Kate is still unsure whether the position is right for her and has even considered her position as a US diplomat. The events of the season could drive Kate to take up the position of Vice President, where she will be ideally placed to be a force for good; however, equally, she may feel even more disenfranchised with her position as a US diplomat and try to find a way out of the politics game as soon as possible.

When will The Diplomat Season 2 be on Netflix?

Production on the series reportedly began on season 2 in London in June 2023, according to London.gov.uk, which lists “The Diplomat Series 2” among the TV in production in London.

Warning: potential spoilers ahead.

Numerous eyewitnesses have also caught filming happening at St Paul’s Cathedral on June 3rd, 2023:

the diplomat season 2 filming pictures 1

The Diplomat Season 2 Filming – Pictures: Woodzie_1989 / DavidGarland1 on Twitter/X

During filming, US Secretary Antony Blinken met with the cast and producers of the show on June 20th.

Filming continued throughout June and into July 2023. However, filming stopped when the actor’s strike began on July 14th and has been on hold ever since. Despite filming in the United Kingdom, the show is still covered by SAG-AFTRA contracts.

You can see the list of Netflix shows affected by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes here.

On December 12th, ScreenDaily reported that production had restarted on The Diplomat season 2. We don’t currently know when it’s due to finish.

New Cast for The Diplomat Season 2?

On January 25th, 2024 – Netflix announced the first major new casting for the new season, with Oscar and multiple Emmy-winning actress Allison Janney boarding the new season in a guest star role. Janney will be playing Vice President Grace Penn.

Allison Janney To Guest Star In The Diplomat Season 2

Allison Janney – Picture by Robert Ascroft

What’s on Netflix can also confirm a few other new castings for the new season:

  • George Potts (Dorian Gray, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1) will play the role of Lon Hammon

Who’s directing in season 2 of The Diplomat and how many episodes?

Who’s behind the director’s chair in season 2?

We can confirm that Alex Graves will return to the director’s chair in season 2. Tucker Gates will make his directorial debut on the show. Gates has previously worked on shows like American Gigolo, Alias, Homeland, The Morning Show, and The Terminal List.

What’s on Netflix has seen evidence to suggest that season 2 will have a reduced episode count from eight to six.

When will The Diplomat Season 2 be released on Netflix?

As for a release date for The Diplomat season 2 – when the show was first announced, it was due in 2024. Filming disruption did look like it could impact its release, but at the Next on Netflix event on February 1st, 2024 – Netflix reaffirmed its commitment to a broad 2024 release.

Given that the show is still filming as of early 2024, we suggest it won’t be until mid-to-late 2024 before the show returns to our screens.

Behind The Scenes Season 2 The Diplomat

Keri Russell as Kate Wyler, Showrunner Debora Cahn in episode 201 of The Diplomat. Cr. Alex Bailey/Netflix © 2023

Are you excited to see a second season of The Diplomat on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

Additional reporting from Kasey Moore.

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