Love, Death & Robots Episode 11: Helping Hand Ending Explained

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How on earth is their CGI this incredible!? For anyone confused about the ending to the eleventh episode of Love, Death and Robots allow us to help! We’ve been covering the remaining episodes too of Love, Death, and Robots, but here is the ending explained to Helping Hand.

When a routine job on a satellite goes disastrously wrong, Alex has only 15 minutes of Oxygen left to get back to her ship.

Ending Explained

After being struck by the nail, the impact of the debris smashed Alex’s mobility unit and the back up. Unable to grab onto the satellite and without mobility Alex was left stranded in space. With her Oxygen tank also impacted by the debris, Alex is left with only 15 minutes of Oxygen. A rescue team is scheduled to be on the way but 55 minutes isn’t fast enough to save Alex.

Resorting to desperate measures, Alex realizes she can use parts of her suit to create a tiny amount of forward thrust. Tieing up her arm with her watch, she released the left arm of her suit but exposing her skin to the freezing temperature of space. Throwing the suit arm, Alex misses her chance to grab hold of the Satelite. Even more desperate now, with her Oxygen almost depleted Alex resorts to breaking her frozen arm off of her body so she can try creating forward thrust again. Throwing her arm forward Alex hurtles towards her ship and as she’s about to grab the ship… we fade to black.

Coming Home

Alex was able to make it back onto her ship and get in contact with Jockey Mother. Being asked if she still needs a hand Alex doesn’t reveal the extent of her injuries to Bill but jokingly asks about getting a few beers chilled for her arrival home. She pilots the spacecraft and sets a course for Earth.

Alex on the Anthem – Copyright. Netflix

Depending on what Alex does next she could be in big trouble. As she sets she’ll be home soon we can only assume she sets a course for Earth, but with only one hand to pilot the spacecraft, it could become a suicide mission to try and pilot it back to Earth. Suspension of disbelief aside, that ship really doesn’t look aerodynamically able to fly back to Earth anyway.

Instead, we believe that Alex is flying to a space station, or more specifically the Jockey Mother. Alex’s spacecraft may be called Anthem, but it’s likely known as a Jockey to whomever she and Bill work for hence the name Jocky Mother. Alex should have enough Oxygen to fly back to the Jockey Mother and was able to patch up her injury. Alex’ chance of survival was just as small as the debris hitting her.

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