Love, Death & Robots Episode 12: Fish Night Ending Explained

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Well.. that was a mind***. For anyone confused about the ending to the twelfth episode of Love, Death and Robots allow us to help! We’ve been covering the remaining episodes too of Love, Death, and Robots, but here is the ending explained to Fish Night.

Two travelling door to door salesman are stranded in the middle of the desert when their car breaks down. That night they are treated to a visual spectacle like none other.

Ending Explained

After pondering the idea that animals or fish could haunt locations like humans both the Young and Old Man go to sleep for the night. While asleep the car comes to life and lights from outside awake the pair. Astounded by the sight before them both the Young and Old Man are captivated by all the different species and colors of the ancient fish. Realizing he can feel the fish that flow through his body the Young Man runs the fish. The Old Man warns him and tells him to stop, ignoring his pleas the Young Man takes off his clothes and seeing his own clothes float he jumps into the school of fish.

Prehistoric Jaws

The Young Man begins to float like the fish and swims alongside them. Fascinated by what he’s experiencing he continues to ignore the Old Man, also changing color himself. Noticing some of the fish suddenly swimming away in fear a huge red Megalodon swims past the car. Trying to warn the Young Man further still, it’s too late as the Megalodon bites him, almost eating him whole. As the Megalodon swims away, leaving the Young Mans blood floating. With the fish gone the Old Man is left alone dumbfounded by what he just witnessed.


Megalodon hunting its easy prey – Copyright. Netflix

How do you explain that one!? Well, we’ve come to a conclusion this wasn’t a simple ‘haunting.’ When the fish touched the Men while at the car no harm was done to them. By joining the fish the Young Man appeared to of crossed some form of supernatural boundary. This can be confirmed by the fact he changed color the longer he spent floating/swimming with the school of fish. When the Megalodon appeared, the Old Man was safe as he hadn’t crossed the threshold, therefore, the Young Man became easy prey for the apex predator. Now alone the Old Man has no choice but to walk to the gas station to contemplate what just happened.

Alternatively, the Old Man could have been tripping and the entire thing was purely a hallucination. Perhaps the Young Man never existed, to begin with… Food for thought.

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