Love, Death & Robots Episode 2: Three Robots Ending Explained

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For anyone confused about the ending to the second episode of Love, Death and Robots allow us to help! We’ll be covering the remaining episodes too of Love, Death, and Robots, but here is the ending explained to Three Robots.

A trio of robots takes a trip to an abandoned post-apocalyptic city. With the human race having perished many years before, the robots are seemingly baffled by the world left behind confused by balls, their robot ancestors and the cats that remain.

Ending Explained

By the end of the episode, the Robots on the final tour of their holiday arrive at an abandoned military base. The trio finds a nuclear warhead inside and the ‘female’ of the group begins to explain why the humans would use such a catastrophic weapon and how effective it is at wiping each other out, heavily hinting there was a nuclear war that killed them. Instead, she begins to elaborate upon her point that it was not in fact weapons that caused humans to perish but our belief that we were the pinnacle of all creation, and we “poisoned the water, killed the land and choked the sky.” In the end, it was not nuclear bombs that destroyed us but our own stupidity.

What’s New Pussy Cat

Humans dying from global warming was actually a red herring and Cats were, in fact, to blame for the death of humanity! As Xbot 4000 begins to understand why humanity perished, ‘Little bot’ also brings up the point that we actually genetically engineered cats to have opposable thumbs. That’s when the cute Cat that followed them around suddenly begins to speak and ominously states that “Yes, Once we could open up our own tuna can, that was pretty much that for the human race.” The cat then demands to be petted by the ‘Little bot’ forever and he even brought some friends.

So it was the Kittys all along! The sinister little creatures had been genetically engineered with opposable thumbs by their human overlords. Once able to “open their own tuna cans,” they had no further need for humanity as their masters. So even if global warming was a heavily implied factor of the death of humanity the cats finished us off for good. But without masters, the cats no longer had anyone to pet them so by the end of the episode it is heavily implied the cats will enslave the robot trio to forever give them belly rubs and head scratches.

Robot Origins

What isn’t explained is the robots lack of knowledge of the human world and where the trio are actually from. Two out of the three are confirmed as descended from different pieces of technology. Little Bot is a descendant of baby monitors and Xbot 4000 is the 4000th generation of the Xbot games console. By the voice of the last robot ‘she’ could potentially be a descendant of Alexa models. Xbot does have a self destruct sequence so if he ever wished to take out the Cat masters he easily could…

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