Love, Death & Robots Episode 3: The Witness Ending Explained

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Oh boy, this one was a mind blower and a half. For anyone confused about the ending to the third episode of Love, Death, and Robots… Don’t worry we’re confused too but allow us to help how we can! We’ve also been covering other endings of episodes of Love, Death, and Robots, but first of all, here is the ending explained to The Witness.

After witnessing the murder in the apartments from across her hotel, Zawora flees in a panic as the killer notices her as a witness. A game of cat and mouse is on as Zawora runs for her life through a futuristic and bizarre Chinese city landscape.

Ending Explained

After finding a gun in Vladimir’s apartment Zawora continued to flee from the murderer that pursued her. Fearing for her life Zawora did not want to listen to what ‘The Man’ had to say. His attempts at trying to get her to stop so he could speak to her had failed (earlier on in the episode the murderer had killed an exact lookalike of Zawora and was clearly confused).

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She is able to find an apartment to hide, but it just so happened to belong to ‘The Man’ chasing her. As she draws the gun on ‘The Man’ she attempts to calm her down but a struggle ensues and Zawora accidentally shoots him thus killing him. As Zawora takes the chance to breathe, as she looks out the window across the street she spots a man that is an exact copy of ‘The Man’ she just murdered.


This was certainly one of the most intriguing episodes by far with one of the harder endings to explain. Overall the ending heavily implies that the pair are on an endless loop of cat and mouse killing the other as they bare witness to the murder of each other’s lookalikes. Therefore the implications are that the lookalike Zawora that was murdered in the beginning had in fact been trying to murder ‘The Man.’ So the reason he gave chase wasn’t to silence her but to genuinely explain the whole misunderstanding. In the end, Zawora wouldn’t listen and the cycle continued, further implying that Zawora will chase after Man’s lookalike eventually to be killed herself and repeat the cycle.

Taking the ending at face value

The ending should be taken at face value and that is this is a cycle of the pair killing each other over and over albeit accidentally. I did try and look at an angle where the pair could be clones or robots I also thought the art above may have had something to do with the ending but sometimes not everything is such a mind F*** and take it as it is.

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Love, Death & Robots Episode 3: The Witness Ending Explained

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