Luke Cage Season 2 Coming to Netflix in June 2018

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Netflix, shortly before the release of Jessica Jones season 2 which arrives on Thursday, has announced the release date for season 2 of Luke Cage. Alongside the release date, we got a short glimpse into what we can expect in season 2 of the show. 

Cage’s first solo outing was on September 30th, 2016 where 12 episodes released on Netflix. Luke Cage has also featured in Jessica Jones season 1 and during The Defenders miniseries which launched last year on the streaming service.

All 12 episodes of season 2 are coming to Netflix on June 22nd.

Marvel is once again planning to release three new titles this year. Jessica Jones is up first with a March 2018 release date, Luke Cage now in June and then we can expect Daredevil season 3 to land on Netflix in fall 2018 too. We’ve got a complete rundown of the Marvel series coming to Netflix here.

In the trailer Luke introduces himself to the camera then continuing on to say ‘You can’t burn me, you can’t blast me and you definitely can’t break me. You wanna test me? Step up, I’m right here.”

The story is going to fast forward a bit from season 1 and likely taking place nearer to the time the other Defenders are.

Two new cast members have already been confirmed for the second series including Mustafa Shakir and Gabrielle Denis.

Once again, you can expect an exceptional soundtrack and we’re also expecting a few surprises in season 2 as well.

The series comes to Netflix after Marvel’s Black Panther has torn up the boxoffice since it released in cinemas in recent week. The announcement likely aligns with this and the fact that Jessica Jones is out on Thursday.

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