Voltron: Legendary Defenders Season 6 Netflix Release Date

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Voltron: Legendary Defenders will be returning for at least another season in 2018. Confirmed at the end of season 5 which only just released on Netflix on March 2nd, we’ll be getting at least six more episodes on June 15th, 2018.  

The teaser was first spotted by Collider who noted that there was a preview of season 6 just after season 5 wraps up. This will be no surprise as Netflix is roughly three-quarters of the way through the total number of Voltron episodes. As you may remember, Netflix signed up for 78 episodes of Voltron when it first released. Season 6 will likely take us to 52 episodes meaning there’s at least four seasons left in the tank. You may know the earlier seasons had more episodes with season 1 having 11 plus an extended premiere episode. For us at least, we prefer getting less episodes but more frequently like we have been for the past few seasons.

You can watch the 30 second season 6 preview on Netflix here or when you wrap up season 5. Alternatively, we’ve embedded it below. Most of the footage you’ll have seen in Voltron before with some of the more known action sequences.

Given the timeline of the show and how we seem to be getting new seasons roughly every 3 months it’s possible that season 7 will release on Netflix in September 2018 and season 8 will release in December 2018.

Once the series hits 78 episodes, however, that’ll be it. As we’ve recently seen with recent series Dragons: Race to the Edge, once they hit the episode limit that is it. The good news however is that Dreamworks has plenty of newer titles coming to Netflix. We’ve got a series adaptation of Boss Baby and one of Captain Underpants all due before summer.

Are you looking forward to more episodes of Voltron: Legendary Defenders coming to Netflix in the summer? Let us know down below.

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