‘Money Heist: The Experience’ Launching in 5 Global Cities in 2021

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money heist experience what you need to know

Money Heist – Picture: Netflix

Netflix is currently casting characters for a Money Heist immersive experience which is running in 5 different cities around the world for the remainder of 2021 and into 2022. Here’s everything we know so far about the in-person event that will coincide with the release of Money Heist season 5 parts 1 and 2 on Netflix. 

Netflix has dabbled in in-person events before whether that’s from bringing Stranger Things to Universal Studios Hollywood or running screenings in a unique way. It’s also done plenty of viral marketing before but Money Heist: The Experience seems to be on a different level.

Multiple cities are hosting the event including:

  • Paris (from July to September 2021)
  • London (from November to December 2021)
  • Miami, Florida (from October to November 2021)
  • Mexico City (from November to December 2021)
  • New York City (from December to February 2022)

It’s also expected to eventually touch down in Milan, Lisboa, Los Angeles, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Berlin, and Rome.

According to the main website, the experience will have you carrying out a heist in order “to get the gold”. The experience is stated to be a 6o-minute adventure that will allow you to “live out, first-hand, scenes inspired by the hit series “Money Heist”.” Tickets cost around £50 or $60 depending on your location.


According to TimeOut, producers of the event have “promise astounding visual effects and unexpected plot twists as no two experiences are alike—your interactions with each of the characters determine your fate in this choose-your-own-adventure journey.”

interactive experience money heist

Project casting gave us the heads up on some more details including what new characters will be introduced for the interactive experience at the Miami location.

Four roles are set to be filled including:

Simone – The Leading Lady. Simone is book-smart, slightly nerdy but attractive. Actor should be comfortable lifting medium-sized objects and should have stamina for multiple shows a night. Stage combat experience is a plus, not a must.

Reykjavik – The Leading Man. Reykjavik is handsome and charming but still rugged and rough around the edges. Must be in very good shape and experienced in fight choreography/stage combat with stamina for multiple shows a night. Actor should feel comfortable lifting and resetting heavy objects.

Chicago – The Mole. Chicago is young, smart, and very tech-savvy. He or she is a little smaller in stature, but still athletic. must have strong improvisational skills and be able to blend into a crowd of ticketed guests. The actor must be proficient in fight choreography and comfortable with stage combat. Other tasks include lifting and resetting heavy objects for multiple shows per night

Shanghai – The Captain. Shanghai is a dangerous thief and mastermind. He looks well-kept, but has a commanding presence, is intimidating in size and has stern facial features. This role requires strong combat and fight choreography skills, so the actor must feel very comfortable repeating several shows every night.

Of course, Money Heist is coming to an end this year but this interactive experience is among a couple of things Netflix is doing to keep the brand alive. There have been rumors of spin-0ffs for a while now plus we do know that the show is getting a K-drama remake too.

Will you be trying to get tickets for this Money Heist Experience at any of the various locations? Let us know in the comments.

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