‘My Daemon’ Netflix Anime Series Coming in November 2023

Otsuichi's anime series My Daemon is coming to Netflix in November 2023.

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my daemon season 1 netflix coming in november 2023

Details are still extremely limited, but we recently learned that My Daemon, Netflix’s exciting anime from Hirotaka Adachi and Thai animation studio Igloo is coming to the streaming service in November 2023.

First announced at TUDUM in September 2022, we received our first look at My Daemon. Nearly a year later details are just as limited as when the anime was first revealed.

Otsuichi aka Hirotaka Adachi, who is most well-known for his work on horror and detective literature is the writer behind My Daemon. My Daemon is the first full anime production for Thai animators Igloo Studio.

When is the My Daemon Netflix release date?

Netflix has yet to announce the official release date through its social media accounts, and YouTube. However, we’ve recently heard that a preliminary release date of November 23rd, 2023, has been set.

Please remember all release dates are subject to change.

We expect to see a trailer for the upcoming anime soon.

What is the plot of My Daemon?

A nuclear explosion on Earth creates a rift that overlaps with hell, resulting in a devasting amount of dust pollution from Hell. Caught up in the chaos of the world is elementary school student Kento, who after finding a Daemon named Anna in the forest, decides to raise her. Together, the human and daemon pair embark on a journey to save Kento’s mother.

Who are the cast members of My Daemon?

Almost a year on since the anime was first announced, we’re still yet to learn of any cast members for My Daemon.

We expect to learn more soon.

What is the episode count?

We’re still yet to learn what the episode count is. Typically, a standard season of anime will have anywhere between 8 to 13 episodes.

Are you looking forward to watching My Daemon on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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