‘My Liberation Notes’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status and What We Know So Far

We aren't expecting to see a second season of 'My Liberation Notes' on Netflix anytime soon.

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my liberation notes season 2 netflix renewal status and release date

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K-Dramas continue to be some of the most popular non-English content on Netflix in 2022, and that trend has extended to My Liberation Notes, which has spent the past few weeks in the global top ten. Some fans have been left questioning will we see a second season of My Liberation Notes on Netflix? Sadly, it’s highly unlikely, here’s why.

My Liberation Notes is an internationally licensed South Korean Netflix Original romantic drama series written by screenwriter Park Hae Young (My Mister, Another Miss Oh) and directed by Kim Seok Yoon (Law School).

Life takes a toll on three siblings who long to be freed from their mundane routines. But when a mysterious drunkard moves to their quiet village, their dreams of excitement and fulfillment no longer seem so far away.

What is the My Liberation Notes Netflix renewal status?

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 08/06/2022)

At the time of writing it’s been almost two weeks since My Liberation Notes came to an end on Netflix and JTBC.

We’ve received no word of renewal from Netflix or JTBC, and sadly, we highly doubt we’ll be seeing news of renewal anytime soon.

The renewal of the series wouldn’t come down to performance, as the series performed extremely well in its native South Korea where the finale managed a 6.728% in ratings. This is a dramatic increase from the season opener which only managed 2.941%.

As for its Netflix performance, it took several weeks before My Liberation Notes was able to break into the global top ten lists. Between May 15th, 2022 to June 5th, 2022 a total of 37,220,000 hours were viewed. However, compared to other K-Dramas, the series has not reached the same popularity as Business Proposal, but the number of hours viewed is comparable to Forecasting Love and Weather, and Our Blues.

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Does My Liberation Notes need a second season?

We would argue that My Liberation Notes doesn’t need a second season, here’s why.

Many, if not all of the members of the Liberation Club achieved some form of their own liberation.

Gu, suffering from his addiction to alcohol spent most of the season battling his desire to drink. After an incredibly stressful day, which included closing the club down due to Hyeon’s constantly rising debts attracting the attention of violent loan sharks. Upon taking the advice of Mi-Jeong, Gu decided to enjoy some time to himself after work, grabbing himself a bottle of liquor. As fate would have it, Gu dropped a 500 won coin, rolling over onto a drain, hanging off the edge symbolizing how close Gu is to falling into the gutter if he doesn’t make a change. Taking the very first step to sobriety, Gu leaves the bottle on the side of the road and walks away.

Chang-Hee was able to make some of the biggest changes to his life by altering his spending habits and getting his finances into check. By disciplining himself, Chang-Hee paid off nearly the entirety of his loan, and while he has always maintained the desire to be rich, his new outlook has helped enrich his day-to-day life. Chang-Hee has had a strange fate with death, having been there for the death of multiple people, including his mother and Hyeok-Su. Fate has put Chang-Hee on the path of becoming a funeral director, after accidentally attending a lecture on the subject.

Gi-Jeong’s relationship with Tae-Hun has certainly been rocky, but the pair have a chance at a happy relationship. Tae-Hun is suffering from depression, but Gi-Jeong’s love for him is strong and she is deeply committed to supporting him.

Mi-Jeong was able to move on from her ex, Chun-Ho, and despite her reluctance to speak to him, was able to defend him at the bank when a woman mistakingly took Chun-Ho’s bag for his hand, which touched her backside. Her small act of kindness had the pair finally talk civilly, with Chun-Ho promising to wire her one million won. Mi-Jeong’s self-reflection on her Liberation Notes has her realize they are split into two, before and after meeting Gu. With some of her own inner demons now healed, Mi-Jeong’s inner narration now shines on the outside with a beaming smile.

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