Netflix Streams Peacock Original Series ‘Supernatural Academy’ in UK & Australia

All 16 episodes of the fantasy teen animation series are streaming on Netflix in two regions.

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Picture: ICON Creative Studio / 41 Entertainment

Another Peacock Original has arrived on Netflix in international regions. The first season of the animated series Supernatural Academy has just touched down on Netflix in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Based on the Supernatural Prison book series by Jaymin Eve, Supernatural Academy is the Peacock Original animated series produced by ICON Creative Studio and 41 Entertainment.

Supernatural Academy is about twin shapeshifters Mischa and Jessa juggling the challenges of high school life and sisterhood while battling the dark forces of the evil Dragon King.

The voice cast for the series features Gigi Saul Guerrero, Larissa Dias, Cardi Wong, Vincent Tong, and Ali Eisner.

The show received mixed reviews from critics, with Common Sense Media concluding:

“Though the plot moves smoothly, the CGI animation is jerky to the point of distraction. The characters can be seen gesticulating wildly, their eyes rolling in their heads like marionettes. Fans of the books by will clamor to see the show. Parents might be able to bond with their kids over this one — if they can get past the early aughts-level visuals.”

The series aired on Peacock in the United States on January 20th, 2022. Until now, it’s been unclear whether the series would be streaming in other regions where Peacock does not exist or not carrying the full catalog.

On March 1st, 2023, among the surprise additions to Netflix in the UK and Netflix Australia was the release of all 16 episodes of season 1 of Supernatural Academy.

It’s unclear whether additional regions of Netflix will pick up Supernatural Academy in the future.

Will there be a season 2 of Supernatural Academy?

Although rumored, there’s been no official confirmation of a second season in production right now.

This is one of several Peacock Originals that have arrived on Netflix in international regions thus far. One of Us Is Lying is the most prominent example that Netflix carries as an Original, although sadly won’t be returning for a third season. Netflix globally will also be the home of the new season of Girls5eva and has already picked up the first two seasons in international territories.

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