‘Turbo Fast’ Netflix Original Series Leaving Netflix in April 2023

Netflix's First Original kids animation series is currently scheduled to leave in April 2023.

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turbo fast leaving netflix in april 2023

Turbo Fast – Picture: DreamWorks Animation

Netflix’s first major Netflix Original kids animation series is set to leave the service in April 2023, with a removal notice stating that all three Turbo Fast seasons are due to leave on April 2nd, 2023. 

The series was one of Netflix’s very first Netflix Originals batch, debuting in December 2013 just behind Lilyhammer and House of Cards. It’s so old, in fact, that season 1 still features a very early Netflix logo when you boot the show up.

Turbo FAST released 52 episodes across three seasons, with the third and final season arriving in February 2016.

Turbo FAST was the first of many titles from a partnership with DreamWorks Animation Television, which still exists today. Although it was released first on Netflix, NBCUniversal, like all of the DreamWorks output, NBC retained the broadcast rights.

While a removal date isn’t showing on the page itself, when you boot up any episode of the three seasons, a removal notice appears in the top left of the screen, saying your last day to watch on Netflix is April 1st, 2023.

As an aside, Netflix regularly licenses the movie the show is based on in most regions worldwide, with the United States having just relicensed the movie on March 1st, 2023.

Why is Turbo FAST leaving Netflix?

It comes down to licensing, and even though Turbo FAST is a Netflix Original title, it’s still ultimately owned by DreamWork Television and its parent company, NBC Universal/Comcast.

Of course, Netflix Originals leaving Netflix isn’t a new phenomenon; we’ve been covering it for a while and have cataloged over 60 series and movies, all at one point carrying Original branding that no longer resides on the service.

However, we should note that sometimes when Originals have been removed, Netflix could renew them. That was the case for Lilyhammer and, more recently, Medici.

Our research indicates that all DreamWorks Television series will eventually leave Netflix unless new license periods are struck.

More big Netflix Originals will depart in the coming years and decades, with big shows like Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, and Ozark ultimately owned by other providers.

We’ll keep you posted on whether or not Turbo FAST gets renewed at Netflix in the coming weeks.

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