‘Officer Black Belt’ Netflix K-Drama Action Comedy: Everything We Know So Far

'Officer Black Belt' an exciting new Korean action-comedy is begin filming in Fall 2023.

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officer black belt k drama movie everything we know so far

An exciting new action comedy from the director of Black Knight is to begin filming in Fall 2023. Officer Black Belt will see Black Knight star Kim Woo Bin and D.P. star Kim Sung Kyun team up as a martial arts prodigy and master. Here’s everything we know so far about Officer Black Belt on Netflix.

Officer Black Belt is an upcoming South Korean Netflix Original action comedy directed and written by Jason Kim. Subscribers will be familiar with the work of Kim who previously directed Black Knight, he is also well known for his work on the movie Midnight Runners. The movie is produced by Climax Studio and Seven O Six.

What is the plot of Officer Black Belt?

The synopsis for Officer Black Belt has been sourced from Netflix;

“The story kicks off with Kim Woo-bin’s character saving a ‘martial arts officer’ from a criminal’s assault. That’s an officer who partners with a probation officer solely for physically dangerous situations. As a result of this brave rescue, Kim Woo-bin’s character is made a temporary ‘martial arts officer’ for five weeks.

As a dedicated probation officer, Kim Sung-kyun’s character recognizes the exceptional talents of Kim Woo-bin’s character and suggests he take on a permanent role as a ‘martial arts officer’, marking the start of this duo’s crime-fighting adventures.”

Who are the cast members of Officer Black Belt?

So far, the only cast members confirmed for Officer Black Belt are the two leads, Kim Woo Bin and Kim Sung Kyun.

Kim Woo Bin will play the lead role of Lee Jung Do. Netflix subscribers recently enjoyed Kim Woo Bin’s performance in the dystopian drama series Black Knight. He also starred in the popular Netflix K-drama Our Blues.

kim woo bin officer black belt k drama movie everything we know so far

Pictured: Kim Woo Bin in Black Knight (left) and in Our Blues (right)

Kim Sung Kyun will play the lead role of Kim Sun Min. Subscribers will recognize the actor for his time on K-dramas such as Divorce Attorney Shin, Seoul Vibe and both seasons of D.P. He also had a guest role in the popular medical K-drama Hospital Playlist.

Kim Sung Kyun officer black belt k drama movie everything we know so far

Pictured: Kim Sung Kyun in Divorce Attorney Shin (left) and D.P. (right)

What is the production status of Officer Black Belt?

Official Production Status: Pre-Production (Last Updated: August 10th, 2023

At the time of writing Officer Black Belt is in pre-production, however, we’ve heard that filming is currently scheduled to begin in mid-September 2023 and is scheduled to end in mid-December 2023.

When is the Officer Black Belt Netflix release date?

With filming coming to an end in mid-December 2023, we aren’t expecting to see the movie arrive on Netflix until the second half of 2024. A Fall 2023 or Winter 2023 release is the most likely.

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