‘Oxenfree: Netflix Edition’ Launches on Netflix Games

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Oxenfree – Picture: Night School Studio

OXENFREE: Netflix Edition has just begun rolling out on Google Play and the iOS app store ahead of its debut at Netflix Tudum: the global fan event. 

First released in 2016 on PC and games consoles, it’s been widely reported that Oxenfree will be making the jump over to Netflix games following Netflix’s acquisition of Night School Studio in September 2021.

Described as a supernatural teen thriller, Oxenfree has you playing Alex, who has bought his new stepbrother Jonas to an overnight island party gone wrong after a group of friends unwittingly opens a ghostly rift.

Here’s the official description of OXENFREE: Netflix Edition:

“Explore a haunted island: Hike and talk across lush woods, abandoned military forts and more. What’s simmering just beneath the hauntingly beautiful veneer of Edwards Island will forever change your perception of reality.

Contact the supernatural: Rumor has it if you stand in just the right spot, you can use a radio to tune in a station that doesn’t exist on Edwards Island. Turn the radio dial, activating ways to save your friends and communicate with ghosts.

Forge or destroy bonds. Your choices matter: Will you encourage your best friend to ask out his crush? Can you close the distance between yourself and your new stepbrother? Be mindful — your choices will impact your relationships and inform how you tackle otherworldly threats.”

The game was initially released to critical acclaim and continues to be loved worldwide.

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Picture: Netflix

The game has already been released on mobile devices before. Those game versions were launched in stores in 2017 but were removed following Netflix’s acquisition of the studio.

On Metacritic, the mobile additions at the time scored an average of 87/100.

Now the game is back on Netflix games with no advertisements, no upfront payments, and downloadable from the Netflix app. Here’s a direct link to OXENFREE: Netflix Edition on Google Play. The app requires Android 8.0 and up and is 752MB.


Oxenfree joins the other 30 mobile games that make up the Netflix games roster which launched in November 2021.

Night School Studio is currently putting the finishing touches on their sequel to Oxenfree, OXENFREE II: Lost Signals. According to the Steam store page, that will launch on PC and gaming consoles this year.

Netflix will premiere another trailer for Oxenfree during Tudum 2022, promoted by Jamie Foxx, and is expected to announce numerous other upcoming Netflix games.

Are you going to be checking out OXENFREE: Netflix Edition on Netflix games? Let us know in the comments.

‘Oxenfree: Netflix Edition’ Launches on Netflix Games

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