‘Sex Education’ To End With Season 4 on Netflix; Coming in September 2023

Everything you need to know about the fourth and final season of Sex Education coming soon to Netflix.

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Sex Education – Picture: Netflix

Sex Education is returning to Netflix for a fourth and final season, which is coming in September 2023. Here’s the latest on everything we know about the return to Moordale Secondary School, including all the new cast changes, what to expect from the story, and more. 

The raunchy and rambunctious comedy has never failed to disappoint. Sex Education debuted on Netflix in January 2019, with the most recent third season arriving on September 17th, 2021.

Expect big changes going into season 4 with a raft of cast members no longer in the show or set to depart, so without any further ado, let’s dig into Sex Education season 4:

When was Sex Education renewed for a fourth season?

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Renewed on September 25th, 2021

Unsurprisingly, Netflix has renewed Sex Education for its fourth season. The news broke during Netflix’s TUDUM event just a week after season 3 dropped.

Through Netflix’s new top 10 data, we can see that season 3 was one of the biggest shows of the month of September 2021. At one point, the show ranked in the all-time top 10 series list with 418.76 million hours watched in the first 28 days.

The show featured in the weekly global top 10s for six weeks, and here’s how those hours break down week-by-week:

Week Period Hours Viewed(M) Rank Week in Top 10
September 12th, 2021 to September 19th, 2021 125,770,000 1 1
September 19th, 2021 to September 26th, 2021 160,420,000 (+28%) 1 2
September 26th, 2021 to October 3rd, 2021 72,870,000 (-55%) 1 3
October 3rd, 2021 to October 10th, 2021 42,120,000 (-42%) 3 4
October 10th, 2021 to October 17th, 2021 28,190,000 (-33%) 3 5
October 17th, 2021 to October 24th, 2021 18,380,000 (-35%) 7 6

When will Sex Education season 4 release on Netflix?

Netflix has announced that the fourth and final season of Sex Education is coming to Netflix on Thursday, September 21st, 2023.

Is Season 4 the final season of Sex Education?

Creator of Sex Education, Laurie Nunn, has written a thank you, and a farewell letter to the fans, and thanking the cast and crew for creating an incredible show. The letter also clarifies that the fourth season will be the last of Sex Education.

Sex Education Season 4 Letter To The Fans

Sex Education Season 4 Cast: Departures, New & Returning

There are a lot of changes going into season 4 of Sex Education, so let’s begin with the returning cast members.

The confirmed returning cast includes:

  • Gillian Anderson as Jean Milburn
  • Asa Butterfield as Otis
  • Emma Mackey as Maeve
  • Ncuti Gatwa as Eric
  • Connor Swindells as Adam
  • Aimee Lou Wood as Aimee
  • Kedar Williams-Stirling as Jackson

We were unsure if she would return, but thanks to some of the new promotional material, we can confirm that Mimi Keene, the actress who plays Ruby, will return for season 4. With Maeve away in the United States, will we see Ruby and Otis get back together?..

Sex Education Asa Butterfield Mimi Keene Season 4

Asa Butterfield (left) and Mimi Keene (right)

New Cast Members Confirmed for Sex Education Season 4

Dan Levy has been cast in the upcoming fourth season of Sex Education. Levy has been cast in the role of Thomas Molloy, a famous author who happens to be Maeve’s course tutor while she attends an Ivy League College in the USA. Levy is best known for Schitt’s Creek and working on a new Netflix movie.

In December 2022, we exclusively reported that Andi Osho had joined the cast of season 4. Osho will be playing Cal’s mum, Nicky Bowman.

Other new faces you’ll see in Sex Education season 4 include:

  • Bella Maclean as Jem
  • Anil Desai as Dr. Hunt
  • Anna Francolini as Gloria
  • Felix Mufti as Roman
  • Jodie Turner-Smith 
  • Anthony Lexa as Abbi
  • Alexandra James as Aisha
  • Marie Reuther as Ellen
  • Reda Elazouar as Beau
  • Imani Yahshua as Tyrone
  • Thaddea Graham

Sex Education Season 4 Casting Calls

In November 2021, Krishna Istha (one of the show’s writers) put out a widely shared casting call looking for two new characters to feature in season 4 that have been referred to as a trans “power couple.”

The two new characters Netflix is casting for include:

  • Abbi (age 18-23) – “Abbi is a young trans woman with a 90s Winona Ryder vibe, who is confident and self-assured in her gender identity. Abbi is the leader of her group and the queen bee of her college – every girl either wants to be like her, or be friends with her. She’s sunny, magnetic, generous and loyal. When Abbi came out as a trans woman, she was kicked out of the house by her conservative parents. She currently lives with her boyfriend, Kent, whose family are much more accepting. Abbi used to be religious, but had to move away from her faith when it started to damage her sense of self. She still considers herself ‘spiritual’, and attends a secular and inclusive congregation which celebrates community and chosen family.”
  • Kent (age 18-23) – “Kent is trans-masculine, goofy, forgetful, and a great listener. He is Abbi’s boyfriend, and they’re the ultimate power couple – they’ve been together for a while and are the epitome of ‘couple goals’, everyone loves them. Kent isn’t as sure about being one of the popular kids as Abbi, but he knows himself and feels quietly confident about his final year at college.”

New character called Joanna will recur in Season 4

We’ve also exclusively learned of a new character, Joanna, who will feature in season 4.

We don’t know much about the new character, but she has been described as a British woman in her early 40s, free-spirited, and has a sense of humor.

Sex Education Cast Departures

Throughout 2022, we learned that multiple supporting cast members will leave the series and not return for the fourth season. Indeed, we also know that a few cast members will call Sex Education season 4 their last.

Patricia Allison has played the role of Ola in all three seasons of Sex Education, but the actress has revealed that opportunities elsewhere mean she won’t be returning in season 4. In an interview with Captial Xtra, Allison said about her departure:

“I know, I absolutely have loved being on Sex Education so so much, and playing Ola but unfortunately, I won’t be joining the team for season four. I’m so sorry to have to break that to you guys but umm, I’m just going to be doing some other little things, some other opportunities have come up. So, I’ve been doing it for three years and I’ve, like, genuinely loved it.”

Soon after, it was confirmed that Tanya Reynolds, who played Ola’s girlfriend, Lily, would also not return for the fourth season. Reynolds had the following to say on her departure from the show:

“I think that for Lily, her storyline was just wrapped up quite nicely at the end of season three. So she’s got no loose ends to tie up, she had quite a happy ending.

At the end of last season, everyone kind of gets scattered, and I think that’s just a good opportunity to bring in some new characters. I will absolutely miss her. I love, love Lily with my whole entire being and I had the best time on those three seasons, and I will miss it for sure. I will miss Lily and I will miss the gang. But it just kind of feels very right. It feels like time.”

Bridgerton actress Simone Ashley who had a recurring role as Olivia will also leave the series.

Finally, the fourth confirmed actor to leave the show is Rakhee Thakrar, who played the role of supportive teacher Emily Sands. She had the following to say on her departure:

“I’m not part of the new series. I can’t really talk about why. But I’m so proud of the show and grateful to have been part of something so important. There is nothing bad about Sex Education.”

Ncuti Gatwa in February 2023 confirmed that he will be departing the series in February 2023. Given his new role in BBC’s Doctor Who, Gatwa had been suspected of leaving the show. In an Instagram post on February 8th, the actor who plays Eric said, “Last day. Last time. Bye bubs, thank you for all the lessons and for all the strength.”

Eric Trailer Goodbye Sex Education Season 4 Jpeg

Picture: Ncuti Gatwa/Instagram

Emma Mackey, in February 2023, also confirmed her departure from the show and will not return for a fifth season. After winning her BAFTA Rising Star Award, Mackey spoke to the press about the fifth season of Sex Education:

“Season 5? I’ve just finished the fourth one last week! No I don’t think I’ll be in season 5. I’ve said goodbye to Maeve.”

What to expect from the fourth season of Sex Education?

Like the end of every season of Sex Education thus far, season 3 left us with many questions for the next season.

Otis x Maeve Back on Track?

Just as the pair finally admitted their feelings for each other a new romance was blossoming, Maeve dropped a bombshell that she would be going to the US for a couple of months putting the relationship on hold for now.

We’ll get the chance to see what the future holds for their relationship when Maeve gets back from America, but two months apart, and time abroad could see a radical change in Maeve upon her return.

Regarding the future of Maeve, Emma Mackey told ELLE “I’m excited for her to make some new friends, to open up a bit more and be exposed to a different culture, to a different kind of world. Because she’s only ever lived in her little tiny bubbles. How is she out of that bubble?”

Sex Education Season 4 Otis And Maeve Kiss

Otis and Maeve’s first kiss on the school trip – Copyright. Eleven Film

Independent Eric

Eric is often the voice of reason for Otis and a lot of the time has helped by being the moral compass of the series. However, that hasn’t stopped him from cheating on both boyfriends he’s had. First, he cheated on Rahim with former bully Adam, and then while in Nigeria he cheated on Adam with photographer Oba.

Eric has broken up with Adam so that he can explore his sexuality without being tied down to a relationship. How Eric wishes to explore his newfound confidence remains to be seen, but there is a chance he’s put Adam and Rahim on a collision course for their own relationship.

Sex Education Season 4 Eric And Adam

Eric and Adam were once happy in their relationship – Copyright. Eleven Film

Who is Joy’s real father?

With the birth of his little sister Joy, you’d think that Otis, Jean, Ola, and Jakob could look forward to life as a happy family. However, Jean received some unwelcome news while at the hospital, heavily suggesting that Jakob may not be the father of Joy after all.

We know Jean had a healthy sex life before meeting Jakob, having regular encounters with Dan and Harry. And while Jean only kissed her ex-husband Remi, was it actually something more that we didn’t see on-screen?

We did see Dan return in season 3, having a brief comedic moment outside of the hospital joking about the possibility of the baby being his. It’s between Dan and Remi who the potential father is, which is guaranteed to break Jakob’s heart again.

Sex Education Season 4 Jean

A heavily pregnant Jean – Copyright. Eleven Film

Will Cal find themselves a relationship?

Cal is only one of two students that we know of at Moordale Academy that identify as non-binary. By the end of the season, Cal befriended Layla, another non-binary student who struggled throughout the season, preferring to follow rules and avoid conflict, even if that mean conflicting with their beliefs.

Layla had been hurting themselves, not as a form of self-harm, but was uneducated on the right attire to help look less feminine. Thanks to Cal, Layla now has the right idea on how to help themselves while preparing for school.

Just because Cal and Layla are the only non-binary students, that doesn’t mean they should instantly be together, but Cal made it clear to Jackson that they needed to be in a relationship where they weren’t seen as a woman. Of all the students in the school, Cal and Layla will understand each other the most, which could lead to a potential relationship.

Sex Education Season 4 Cal Non Binary

Cal defied Principal Hope on multiple occasions – Copyright. Eleven Film

The Future of Moordale

The students of Moordale were successful in their protest against principal Hope Haddon, but perhaps a little bit too successful.

The student’s very public and proud protest as the infamous “Sex School” left the board and investors to resort to desperate measures. Hope was removed as the head of the school, and the investors pulled their funding, leaving the board with little to no choice but to sell the school.

This has left the future of Moordale in serious doubt as all the students are now going to be forced to find a new school to finish their secondary school education.

However, there is hope. When Jackson was reading his tablet the headline of the article he was reading said “Sex School Inspires Protests Around the Country!”. This means if multiple schools around the country are taking the same stance, then the government may have to choose the future of how sex education is taught in the UK, leaving the door open for Moordale to continue.

Sex Education Season 4 Mooredale

Moordale Academy better known as South Wales Caerleon Campus – Copyright. Eleven Film

Will Otis revive the Sex Clinic?

With Otis and Maeve making up and a lack of a decent Sex Education at Moordale Academy could see Otis reviving the sex clinic for wayward students needing help.

It certainly would be a great way to occupy Otis’ time while Maeve is in America. But with the removal of the old toilets, Otis will need to find a new “clinic” to give students advice.

Sex Education Season 4 Toilets

The original “clinic” was the school’s old toilets – Copyright. Eleven Film

Thanks to numerous minor casting roles, we know that we’ll be headed to summer camp in season 4, and also there’ll be an extensive scene in a church.

Would you like to see a fourth season of Sex Education on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!