‘The Boss Baby’ Season 4 Coming to Netflix in November 2020

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The Boss Baby Season 4 Coming to Netflix November 2020

The Boss Baby: Back in Business – Picture: Dreamworks

The Boss Baby will once again be back in action in November 2020 with the fourth season of the Dreamworks animated series, The Boss Baby: Back in Business. Season 4 is due out on Netflix on November 17th, 2020.

Based on the movie, The Boss Baby: Back In Business is a spin-off series where we follow Boss Baby, who continues to balance his work and home life schedule as the CEO of Baby Corp.

The series first aired on Netflix in April 2018, with subsequent seasons arriving in October 2018 and March 2020. We’ve also recently seen the release of an interactive special that arrived in September 2020.

Season 4 will arrive in full on Netflix globally on November 17th, 2020, with another 11 episodes.

We typically don’t get renewal announcements for most Dreamworks shows (with the exception recently being Jurassic World: Camp), so we’re left to getting dates roughly a month before they’re due out, as is the case with season 4 here.

Since the release of season 3, there have been significant developments, particularly when it comes to Dreamworks TV titles. In many cases, the series continues to get licensed away from Netflix, and that now includes The Boss Baby. In the UK, for instance, the series was sold to Boomerang, who now airs the series despite still carrying Netflix Original branding.

We’re still waiting for official assets, including pictures, synopses, and trailers, but will update this article as and when we get them.

As we’ve mentioned before, how long The Boss Baby: Back in Business runs for will be entirely dependent on how many episodes were ordered upfront, which often isn’t disclosed. Season 5 will likely be announced a month before it’s due out.

If you’re wondering about the movie, that’s still on course to release in cinemas around the world in March 2021. With that said, most theatrical releases continue to get pushed further and further away, so take that date with a pinch of salt.

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