The Good Place Season 3 Episode 10: When will it be on Netflix?

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The Good Place has now entered into its Christmas break meaning that we won’t see episode 10 of season 3 until next year.

For those in the United Kingdom, Australia, the majority of Europe and Asia, you’ve been getting weekly episodes of ‘The Good Place’ since season 2. The same continued for season 3 of the show but as the show is on a traditional schedule, it’s subject to mid-season breaks and that’s what the show is on now.

When will episode 10 of The Good Place be on Netflix?

The next episode is scheduled for release on NBC on January 10th, 2019. That’s a Thursday and as you know, Netflix gets the new episodes on Fridays meaning we’ll get episode 10 on January 11th.

If you’re wanting to watch it literally the second it’s available. You’ll need to be awake at 8 AM GMT to catch it as it goes live.

Netflix doesn’t allow you to set notifications when new episodes drop sadly so best set a reminder on your phone.

What to expect from season 3, episode 10 of ‘The Good Place’

Spoilers for season 3 below

The show couldn’t have left on a bigger cliffhanger if it tried. Episode 9 was the highest rated episode of the season to date and that’s no surprise thanks to some fantastic acting by D’Arcy Carden who not only played Janet in episode 9 but the four humans too.

The mid-season finale left us with the four travelling to The Good Place which hadn’t seen a new resident in hundreds of years after Michael suspects the bad place guys are interfering with the points system.

The last few moments of episode 9 we see The Good Place actually look rather empty. The rest of the season will see Michael, Janet and the humans discover what exactly is going on. Jason now knows that Janet is in love with him and it looks like Chidi and Eleanor are finally falling in a love. Again.

How many more episodes will there be in The Good Place season 3?

There are four more episodes planned for the rest of season 3.

When will Netflix US and Canada get season 3 of The Good Place?

If you’re in the United States or Canada and wondering what this whole article has been about, you haven’t yet got any of season 3 just yet. You’ll get the whole season dropped onto Netflix in late-2019 as outlined in our season 3 release schedule guide for Netflix.

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