When will ‘Black Lightning’ Leave Netflix?

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when will black lightning be leaving netflix

Black Lightning – Picture: Warner Brothers Television / The CW

With the fourth and final season of Black Lightning now on Netflix in the United States, the clock now starts ticking as to when Black Lightning will depart in full, almost certainly for HBO Max.

Based on Black Lightning by Tony Isabella and Trevor Von Eeden, the superhero series is one of many DC shows from The CW, which has come to Netflix soon after the new season’s air on The CW.

The show follows a retired superhero forced to return to the action and train up his daughters.

When will Black Lightning leave Netflix?

As we’ve covered several times throughout the years, The CW content came to Netflix as part of a big overall deal with Netflix that ended in 2019. As a result, all the shows added before 2019 would continue to get new episodes on Netflix until the show finished.

Once the show finishes, that begins a countdown (typically a 5-year countdown) as to when we see all seasons of said show depart.

With season 4 of Black Lightning added on June 16th, 2021, that means we should see all four seasons depart from Netflix US in June 2026.

Now it’s worth pointing out that not all Netflix regions have Black Lightning season 4 just yet. We’ll keep you posted on when it is coming via our coming soon section in your region. The 5-year window of it staying on Netflix also doesn’t necessarily apply outside the United States either.

We’ve seen some international regions lose shows much sooner than the US (2-3 years after it finishes), but 0f course, we’ll keep you posted on that in this article with updates and via our leaving soon section.

Where will Black Lightning leave Netflix for?

The answer to this one is almost certainly HBO Max. Warner Media has put significant work into keeping all of its DC shows under one roof, and we’re very sure that Black Lightning will be moving there too.

Will all seasons of Black Lightning depart together?

Yes, all seasons of The CW shows depart together than a staged departure per season.

Sadly, we won’t even get to see Black Lightning in any of the other DC shows that comes to Netflix in 2021 or beyond. In addition, an arrowverse crossover isn’t planned until next season of shows meaning we may not see Black Lightning back in any form there. There was also a spinoff in the works for Painkiller, which is no longer moving forward.

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