When will Chelsea be back on Netflix?

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Chelsea season 1, as it is now dubbed, is over and finished shortly before Christmas 2016. For the eagle-eyed fans, you’ll notice that Chelsea has yet to return to Netflix. That’s because she’s busy filming for the now-dubbed season 2. Let’s take a look at what to expect and when she’ll be streaming on Netflix again.

The talk show, which is the first of its kind on a streaming platform, has had an ultimately mixed start from its inception. It led us to argue last year as to whether it has a place at all on Netflix. Where a nightly show feels new and relevant, the same simply can’t be done with Netflix’s format, but that’s where we’ve seen shifts and better content in the form of well-produced segments in the later episodes. You’ll also know that her love for Trump stole some headlines too.

As stated way back in a press release from Netflix back in July 2016, Chelsea will be returning for a 90-episode second season in 2017. Season 1 also had 90 episodes and started streaming from May 11th onwards.

When will Season 2 of Chelsea start on Netflix?

One fan asked Chelsea on her Facebook page just that, and they got an answer. The second season will air in April. In this teaser for the new season, she hashtags the post with April, and April 15th, which is a Saturday, is highlighted on said calendar. It’s been rumored that the format could be changing. In the past, new episodes release on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

What to expect from Season 2?

A great source for what’s coming up in season 2 is to take a look at Chelsea‘s social streams. Her Instagram posts cover her currently (at the time of writing) traveling in India, plus she’s also been to Washington DC, no doubt to pay Trump her respects and partake in the Women’s March.

What about the second series of Chelsea Does?

Sadly, Chelsea Does was more an experiment for Netflix and the logical first step for Chelsea to get her talk show on Netflix. It was asked in a live stream last year whether or not they’d consider renewing Chelsea Does for another season. As confirmed by Chelsea Handler herself, they won’t be bringing out the second season.

In the meantime, Chelsea superfan, Cheryl, picked out her top ten interviews from season 1. Are you looking forward to Chelsea coming back?

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