When will Season 3 of Unauthorized Living be on Netflix?

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Season 2 of Unauthorized Living is now on Netflix and most likely, will now permanently concluded the Spanish series meaning it’s unlikely never see Unauthorized Living season 3 come to Netflix. 

For those who have yet to watch the Spanish series, it’s among the best Netflix has managed to net for the service that far easily up there with the likes of Elite (likely renewed for season 4 & 5) and Money Heist (season 4 due out in April).

Unauthorized Living or Vivir sin Permiso as it’s known is in Spain is a mystery drama series and sees a notable businessman begin declining due to Alzheimer’s and its about him picking his successor.

Season 1 of Unauthorized Living arrived on Netflix in February 2019 whereas the second dropped in January 2020.

Why Unauthorized Living will not return for season 3

Although we’re not going to get into spoilers here, for anyone that has now finished Unauthorized Living you’ll know the series concludes quite definitively once the series comes to an end.

For those unaware, the series is actually based on a book and the second season concludes that book.

As Elcomercio also reports, the series ends conclusively with saying there’ll be no more “delivery” of new episodes.

In fact, the showrunner for the Spanish series also said: “Except for a miracle, the series will end in the second round,”.

When the director of the TV channel the series airs on first was asked about any possible spin-off Manuel Villanueva said:

“The truth is, no. This is a closed and very closed story. It is the story of a saga that has a very resounding ending. And from the beginning it was thought to end there. Examining some characters you could see it. You cannot say that I will not drink from this water. But it doesn’t fit into our plans.”

So there you have it, the end of Unauthorized Living on Netflix. Did you enjoy the Spanish series? Let us know in the comments.

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