Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War Leaving Netflix in June 2020

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Avengers: Infinity War leaving Netflix – Picture: Marvel/Disney

The penultimate Marvel movie on Netflix will soon be departing to head to its new home on Disney+ in June 2020. Here’s what you need to know about its removal from Netflix and more.

Infinity War is the culmination of the first few phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It pits all the established heroes against their biggest threat yet, Thanos.

Just to recap, as you may remember, Netflix US had a deal with Disney between 2016 and 2019 that saw all its theatrical movie slate releases come to Netflix. The movies came to Netflix roughly 7-9 months after its cinema release and stayed on Netflix for a year and a half.

All of the Disney movies remaining on Netflix will leave at some point in 2020 with the exception of Mary Poppins which departs in early 2021.

When is Infinity War leaving Netflix?

The current removal date for Avengers: Infinity War on Netflix is June 25th, 2020. At the time of publishing, that gives you a couple of months to catch up.

A page for Infinity War is already on Disney+ that actually states that due to existing contract negotiations it’s not currently streaming. This also confirms our removal schedule as to when the title is set to leave on June 25th, 2020.

Disney+ page for Avengers: Infinity War – Picture: LetterkennyHulu/Twitter

Once Avengers: Infinity War leaves Netflix, it’ll reside on Disney+ for a number of years before then departing for its next home on network TV before eventually coming back to Netflix in the pay-2 window in the late 2020s.

Once Infinity War leaves Netflix, the only main MCU movie to remain on Netflix will be Ant-Man the Wasp which is due to leave Netflix in July 2020.

What about other regions of Netflix?

Netflix Canada will also see Infinity War depart from Netflix in June 2020 on the same date for Disney+. Netflix Sweden is currently the only other Netflix region streaming the movie but we’re not sure how long for.

Will you miss Infinity War once it leaves Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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