When will ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 2 be on Netflix?

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Netflix’s latest new reality series Selling Sunset has now been streaming for a week so we’d thought we’d gauge how well the series has done for Netflix plus take a look at season 2 plans too. Here’s what we know about Selling Sunset season 2.

The series kinds of pitches itself in two camps. On the one hand, it’s like a documentary showcasing some of the most magnificent houses in Los Angeles. On the other hand, the show tends to be more about people selling and buying homes. Selling Sunset season 1 is presented by Chrishell Hartley.

It’s not the first reality series to hit Netflix but it is the first one that’s more akin to popular shows in the genre such as Keeping up with the Kardashians. Netflix has had hits with Dating Around and Queer Eye, as well as some of its international, picks up like Yummy Mummies and Instant Hotel also being popular additions.

As with most reality shows, the series is drowning in drama.

Has Selling Sunset been renewed for season 2?

Official renewal status: not yet renewed (last updated: 03/27/2019)

Only eight episodes were initially ordered for the show which released on March 22nd.

Reviews for the show have been very mixed so far. Many even have fundamental problems of the show such as the harassment of the women presenting the houses. As of the time of publishing the series sits at 5.0/10 on IMDb.


Decider’s review of the show compares the show to The Real Housewives and gives it a “stream it” recommendation.

Some sources have reported that the company behind the show, The Oppenheim Group have already expressed interest in doing future seasons. They told a UK tabloid that “That will be a decision for Netflix to make first.” but adding that a new season could see a new location used. “Right now, we are in LA and New York City – no immediate plans to expand, although another office in Beverly Hills or Santa Monica might make sense in the near future”.

Chrishnell who presents the series is currently working on a couple of other projects. She’s currently scheduled to star in an upcoming Lifetime movie called ‘Staged Killer’.

With that said Chrishell has expressed interested in doing a second season saying the decision is completely down to Netflix adding “We are waiting to see if we get a second season…”.

When will Selling Sunset season 2 be on Netflix?

The release date for Selling Sunset is unclear while the show’s future is still pending. However, reality shows on Netflix have been hard to predict the release schedules. Queer Eye, for example, has seen three seasons released in the course of two years now.

If the series sticks to a traditional format, it wouldn’t be until early 2020 that the series comes back but if it gets a quick renewal, we could see season 2 even faster.

Do you want to see Selling Sunset come back for a second season? Let us know in the comments down below.

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