When will ‘Supernatural’ Season 15 be on Netflix?

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Supernatural is coming to an end with its fifteenth season and will be streaming on Netflix in many regions for the foreseeable future. When will season 15 of Supernatural from The CW be releasing on Netflix? Despite the series delay, Netflix will still receive the fifteenth season as scheduled.

Updated: with the first half of Supernatural season 15 on Netflix, you may be wondering when the final episodes hit Netflix

Supernatural, which has been a staple of The CW before it was even The CW, is coming to an end at its 2019/20 season. There are a few reasons why the show is drawing to a close but according to its creators, it was just the right time. Speaking at an event, Jensen Ackles said:

“It was months and months if not years of discussion between he and I, between the rest of the cast, between crew, between our writers, between our producers, between the studio, between the network. Nobody wanted to see this show fizzle out.”

The show, for those unfamiliar, is about a pair of brothers who spend their days hunting the supernatural.

Season 15 began on The CW on October 10th and is set to consist of 20 episodes. This will see it wrap up in May 2020.

Let’s take a look at when Supernatural will be headed to Netflix.

When will Season 15 of Supernatural be on Netflix US?

Sadly, filming for the fifteenth and final season of Supernatural has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.


However, given we have the release date for the final episode for a while, Netflix is set to get most of Supernatural season 15 on June 5th, 2020. The remaining episodes are set to air on The CW at the end of 2020 and then arrive on Netflix soon after.

Other episodes are expected to follow as and when they arrive.

Other CW series, such as Riverdale and Supergirl will also be dropping on Netflix before the finales arrive.

Will Supernatural be leaving Netflix US?

A few rumors have been circulating recently about the possibility of Supernatural leaving Netflix. While it will eventually depart, it’s not going to be anytime soon.

We’ll have more information on when the show will be leaving in due course.

What other regions are getting Supernatural season 15?

Sadly, only one other Netflix region gets Supernatural available on the service and that’s Japan.

Having said that, it only has access to the first five seasons with no indication of when future seasons will arrive on the service.

Are you looking forward to Supernatural season 15 on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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