Will K-Drama ‘The World of the Married’ Season 1 be Coming to Netflix?

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Breaking a whole multitude of records already, The World of the Married is one of the hottest dramas being broadcast in South Korea. Despite it’s overwhelming and growing popularity, the series isn’t on Netflix yet. So will The World of the Married season 1 be coming to Netflix? Let’s find out.

The World of the Married is a Korean drama series written by Joo Hyun, and based on the popular BBC drama, Doctor Foster. The series stars Kim Hee Ae (Her Story) and Park Hae Joon (Arthdal Chronicles).

On the surface, Ji Sun Woo has it all: a fantastic career as a doctor and a happy family life with her husband and son. But after her husband’s betrayal, amongst many others, she soon finds herself falling into a dangerous relationship.

Is The World of the Married season 1 coming to Netflix?

We’re incredibly surprised that The World of the Married hasn’t found its way over to Netflix already.

In November 2019, we reported that Netflix signed a new deal with South Korean broadcaster jTBC. The deal strengthened the relationship between the two companies, but more importantly, it ensured that Netflix would receive exclusive rights to all the latest jTBC primetime dramas. You would assume that The World of the Married would have been included in that list.

We’re extremely confident that Netflix will be receiving The World of the Married eventually, but we’ll be waiting until after the series finale which is scheduled for broadcast on May 16th, 2020.

Will The World of the Married become the highest-rated cable-television drama?

As we alluded to above, The World of the Married is breaking all kinds of records already.

At the time of writing, the series has only broadcast six out of the scheduled sixteen episodes and has already taken its place as the third highest-rated cable-television drama series in South Korea.

The World of the Married needs to beat fellow jTBC drama Sky Castle to claim the top spot.

Episode The World of the Married Episode Rating Sky Castle Episode Rating
1 6.260% 1.727%
2 9.979% 4.373%
3 11.882% 5.186%
4 13.979% 7.496%
5 14.676% 7.487%
6 18.816% 8.934%
7 TBB* 8.432%
8 TBB* 9.539%
9 TBB* 9.714%
10 TBB* 11.298%
11 TBB* 9.585%
12 TBB* 12.305%
13 TBB* 13.279%
14 TBB* 15.780%
15 TBB* 16.397%
16 TBB* 19.243%
17 N/A 19.923%
18 N/A 22.316%
19 N/A 23.216%
20 N/A 23.779%

*To Be Broadcast 

Six episodes deep, and The World of the Married is leagues ahead of where Sky Castle was. Despite there being four fewer episodes than Sky Castle, the rate at which The World of the Married is going, it could potentially claim the top spot by the twelfth episode.

To claim the top spot The World of the Married needs to climb another 4.964% in the ratings.

Would you like to see the first season of The World of the Married on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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